Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday: 1 skirt, 2 styles {Children’s Place Leopard Bubble Skirt}

If you take away one piece of fashion advice from this fall, it should be that animal print is a neutral. It may not seem that way, but you may be surprised how many colors and prints actually go well with it (just Google animal print + floral and you’ll see what I mean). While you might be more accustomed to picking white, beige or black to match, steer clear this year and opt for pinks, purples, greens, blue and even neon!

This week, I took a leopard print skirt from Children’s Place ($19.95) and created 2 looks: casual and dressy. Product info is below.

Wardrobe Wednesday: 1 Skirt, 2 Styles {Children's Place Leopard Print Bubble Skirt}


  1. Route 66 Girl’s Glitter Butterfly T-Shirt, $7.99, KMart
  2. Clutches Ballet Flats in Navy, $37,
  3. Minicci Girl Ultra Low No Show Sock, $4.99, Payless


  1. Gem Heart Tee, $5.99, Crazy 8 
  2. Kid Express Bonnie in Eggplant, $54,
  3. Minicci Girl Ultra Low No Show Sock, $4.99, Payless


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