Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday: Summer 2 Fall Back to School Guide (part 2)

Last week, we launched our Summer 2 Fall Back to School Style Guide, where we take summer staples and make them work for a fall wardrobe. We started with a pair of sailor shorts from J. Crew and this week, we have a simple sundress from Old Navy (on sale for $17.00 and available in 2 colors) .

Leopard Print is a BIG trend for fall, it was a no brainer to pair the dress with it. I bet you didn’t know that leopard print is considered a neutral in the fashion world; you can really pair it with any color and still make it work.

  1. Leopard Print Sweater, $29.95, Children’s Place
  2. Simonetta Girls Gem Belt in PINK or BLUE, $102.20, Children Salon
  3. Elephantito Paris Flat in Brown, $55.99,
  4. Elephantito Chloe Flats in Ivory, $55.99,


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