…have a luxe handbag just like mom’s (Deux Lux Handbags & Accessories)

Whenever I take my oldest Fancy Girl with me into an accessories store, it’s quite common for me to hear “oooh look at this, it’s sooo faaancy,” and then find her holding a glittery clutch under her arm and standing in a red carpet pose. My FG loves purses–mine and ones her size. And I’m happy to buy them for her–if the price (or occasion) is right.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a handbag brand that made both mom and daughter sizes? Well, this weekend I discovered a brand that has a lot of mini-me potential: Deux Lux. They’re a handbag and accessories brand for women, but they sell pouches and wallets that would be perfect for your Fancy Girl-especially if she likes to dress up just like mommy. Below are my picks:

Resort Glitter Zip Wallet ($49) & Coin Pouch ($31)
Deux Lux Resort Glitter Accessories

Lucky Tote ($97) & Wristlet ($34)
Deux Lux Lucky Tote and Wristlet

 Resort Stripe Beach Beach Tote ($102) & Skipper Wristlet ($24)
Deux Lux Tote and Wristlet 



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