Fashion Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday: Polka Dots & Gingham

This week’s post was inspired by a tweet posted by Layla Grayce, a fine furnishings & gifts company for home, women & children. They simply asked: “poka dots or gingham” to which I replied, “why not both?” Even though dots won in their poll (I think I would agree), I still love them together.

Immediately I took to Pinterest to find ideas for two of my favorite prints. It wasn’t too hard to find, and in fact I found a fabulous #FancyMomma idea in the process.

Below is just a snapshot of all the cute clothing and accessories available in polka dot & gingham. And for some reason, it also appears to be a very patriotic leaning combination by the amount of red, white, and blue products I found.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Inspiration from Layla Grace
  2. Kate Mack Picnic Sail Romper
  3. Bonnie Jean Green Gingham Fuchsia Dot Spring Girls Outfit 
  4. Coco Bella shorts for girls
  5. Mud Pie Lobster Swimsuit
  6. Red Gingham Shoes with Ruffles by Mud Pie
  7. Tommy Hilfiger Navy Polka Dot Wedge Sandals
  8. San Diego Hat Girls 2-6x Floppy Hat
  9. Pink And Blue Polka Dot Gingham Cheer by PetitePersonalities


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