There are plenty of kids in TV, but not that many who are part of Emmy-nominated (and Emmy-winning) shows. Two young Hollywood regulars on the Emmys red carpet are Aubrey Anderson-Emmons of Modern Family and Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men. The two stars looked lovely at Monday’s award ceremony. Aubrey is wearing another custom Tea Collection dress (as she has in past years), and Kiernan is wearing Antonio Berardi. At only 14, Kiernan has been dressed by some of the biggest fashion houses in the world and has developed a modern retro fashion sense (Check out my top 10 from 2013 on HollywoodMomBlog)

Who were your favorites from The Emmys?

On Saturday, August 23rd, I’m taking my 2 oldest Fancy Girls to the Bridgewater Mall for the #MacysBTS event with Radio Disney. The kid-friendly soiree will have crafts, karaoke, face painting, and much more! Plus, we’ll get the scoop on the must-have trends for fall. Even though some of you have already started back to school, there is still time for your child to be the authority on fall fashion. As I said in my #bts shopping tips, sometimes it’s a good idea to wait until school starts again so your child can see what his/her friends are wearing. They might just change their mind on what they really, really want.

If you’re not in NJ, fear not! The #MacysBTS event is taking place across the country! The complete schedule is below. If you can’t attend, make sure to follow my Instagram posts from @MrsMoNJ and tweets from @AFancyGirlMust.

Macy's & Radio Disney for Back-To-School Event |
Join Macy’s for an afternoon of Back-to-School fashion and fun! See what’s trending for boys and girls from graphic tees to denim to skater-inspired dresses. Hang with us and Radio Disney for crafts, face painting, games and prizes. Receive a great gift with your qualifying purchase.* All events subject to change or cancellation. *While supplies last.

Macy’s Citrus Park
Tampa, FL
Children’s Department, 2nd Floor
August 9th, 1PM

Macy’s West County
St. Louis, MO
Kids Department, 3rd Floor
August 16th, 2PM

Macy’s Woodfield
Schaumburg, IL
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 16th, 2PM

Macy’s Northlake
Charlotte, NC
Children’s Department, 2nd Floor
August 16th, 2PM

Macy’s Great Lakes
Mentor, OH
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Bridgewater Commons
Bridgewater, NJ
Kids Department, 3rd Floor
August 23rd, 12PM

Macy’s Arden Fair
Sacramento, CA
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 23rd, 1PM

Macy’s Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks, CA
Kids Department, Level 1
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Park Meadows
Littleton, CO
Kids Department, Level 3
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Robinson Town Centre
Pittsburgh, PA
Kids Department, 2nd Floor
August 23rd, 1PM

Macy’s Downtown Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
Kids Department, 4th Floor
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Clackamas
Portland, OR
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 30th, 1PM

Macy’s Walden Galleria
Cheektowanga, NY (Buffalo)
Lower Level
September 6th, 2PM

Macy’s South Shore Plaza
Braintree, MA
Kids Department, 2nd Floor
September 13th, 2PM

For more Macy’s Back To School events information, please visit:

As soon as my daughters entered an organized school environment, they had opinions about their clothes and were easily influenced by what their friends were wearing. Yes, it starts at age 4!  I have now come to the conclusion that the girls need to be fully part of the shopping process so I don’t waste money on things they don’t want. If you’re facing a similar dilemma with your kids, below are my 5 tips for making it through the shopping season. How do you shop for your kids? I would love to know the routines you go through as well.

5 Tips for  Surviving  the #BTS  Shopping  Experience | A Fancy Girl Must Blog

  1. Establish a routine going into the fall of what you will buy for your kids. It could be that you purchase 1-2 outfits for school and then, once the school gets started, your child can see what their friends are wearing and what some of the trends are for some additional purchases (within a limited budget). Remember that it’s still pretty warm through most of September and some of October and your children can still wear summer clothing. If your child is old enough to earn their own money through babysitting or mowing the lawn, then let them pay for some things too. It’ll teach them (hopefully) some financial responsibility.
  2. Another good habit to get into is a Save It, Toss It, Want It process throughout the summer. Make the Back to School shopping adventure an opportunity to clear out the closet and give to charity as well. See what doesn’t fit, what he/she doesn’t like and will never wear, etc, and pack that up for Good Will. If you have younger siblings of the same gender, see what can be passed down to save money (it’s like new to them anyway). And then take notes on what your kid needs and what they WANT. The Want list could be something you have a set budget for and then they can wait and see until the school year starts to see if they still want it (or if it’s something ALL of their friends have). You also need to see what’s required for activities as well (gym clothes, sports, activities, school colors, etc)
  3. Set standards of decency. This should already be implied through your parenting and house rules already, but make sure your kids are aware of what is acceptable and what’s not. This is a good process for the parent as well: you might need to learn to accept that certain trends that are completely appropriate for their age level might just be something you don’t like. Not liking something is different from thinking it’s not acceptable. You want your kids to be comfortable in their clothes both physically and socially. You want them to express their personality and style, but within limits. Things like ripped jeans, too-high skirts, visible bra straps, saggy pants, etc., are perfectly fine to make part of your standard or decency. However, if your kid likes a color, print or image that you don’t, you need to be flexible in that area.
  4. Purchase layers and separates that can be worn with other items already in the closet. Get coordinating colors, neutral bottoms & long-sleeved tops, etc. Clothing like tunics, tank tops and shorts can be worn in all seasons with layers as well.
  5. Finally, ask your child if he/she has an example of an outfit they like. Perhaps it’s a celebrity style they try to model after. This will help in the planning process and you can get a better idea of what they like. Don’t waste your money guessing on clothes they want. It’ll be a battle not worth fighting when it comes time to get dressed in the morning. There are other things like homework, grades, and oh yeah, social issues, that are way more important to deal with. Open communication with your kid might just start with clothes and can lead to a good relationship in other areas of your life. Think about it!


Outfit pictured is from FabKids: Skirt- Color Tiered Tutu, $7.99 

The first week of school always involved the exciting ritual of pulling out the paper grocery bags to cover textbooks. It was almost as ceremonial as carving pumpkins since we all gathered around the table the same way, with our supplies ready to get creative. The best part of the whole process was grabbing markers and writing the subject in huge bubble letters with a shadow effect behind each letter. Oh the 90s. Over the years, book covers got more sophisticated and less disposable, and now it’s like there’s an entire fashion line just for school supplies. For the Fancy Girl who likes to make her own statement and dress her books how SHE wants to, we found some fun DIY projects to give you some inspiration. Click each image for more info and instructions.

Fabric Covered Books by Chelsea @ two twenty one

New Uses for Books  Real Simple

Duct Tape cover found on

How To Make Shopping Bag Textbook Covers by Diane Henkler  In My Own Style

Textbook Cover: Pocket found on Martha Stewart

DIY Textbook Covers Found on

From top to bottom:
1. Fabric Covered Books by Chelsea @ two twenty one
2. New Uses for Books by Real Simple
3. Duck tape cover by
4. How To Make Shopping Bag Textbook Covers by Diane Henkler- In My Own Style
5. DIY Textbook Covers by

When I was younger, my only pair of high top sneakers were Reeboks and they were white. Remember them? They had the double Velcro straps at the ankle. That was kind of it for options. Then there came the Air Jordan’s, and even though it was really cool to “pump” the little basketball to inflate the shoes, I didn’t really have a need for them. Nor did they really GO with anything that I wore. Sneaker style has come a long way and high tops have gotten a little fancier. So much so that my eldest Fancy Girl just got this pair of glitter high tops from FabKids ($28 or $19.95 for VIP) for school. Grab them NOW before they sell out! Just sign-up here, fill out your daughter’s personal profile, and start shopping.
High Tops for Girls |

Her style is evolving into a sporty/fancy blend, and these sneakers completely speak to what she’s interested in at the moment. The FabKids sneakers start at size 13, so if your FG is in smaller sizes OR if she’s not as into the glitter as mine are, there are more options below.

High Tops for Girls |

1.Converse All Star Party Girls Toddler & Youth High-Top Sneaker, $31.95, DSW
2.LELLI KELLY High-tops & trainers, $72, YOOX
3.XOLO Grey Girl Rock High-Top Shoes, $34.99, Kohl’s
4.Girls Glitter High Tops, $20, Old Navy
5.SKECHERS KIDS Hydee Gimme, $31.99, 6pm
6.Girls Floral High Tops, $24.94, Old Navy
7.Steve Madden Kids T-Starzz, $41.99, 6pm
8.SUPERTRASH GIRLS High-tops & trainers, $85, YOOX

The #AllyDawson style transformation has begun! My recent #Dollhouse haul from #Zulily just arrived. It’s a lot easier to buy for Big Sis knowing who she wants to model after. Personally I wish these came in my size! #kidstyle #fashionblogger #kidfashion #bts #austinandally #lauramarano #hilowdress

While a backpack is the most common option for kids to use in early school years, it’s not the only bag to consider. My eldest Fancy Girl is going into 1st grade and is getting a new bag. She probably chose 5-6 options for a backpack style, but when I showed her the Lands’ End ClassMate Messenger Bag, it was like the light bulb went off in her head. She forgot about the cheetah and zebra print and, just like that, became a tween. I shouldn’t be surprised in this choice since whenever she got off the bus this year, she was always carrying her backpack instead of wearing it. And most recently, she’s been wearing her purses cross-body style instead of on her shoulder. She’s just not into the backpack at the moment. In honor of other FGs who want to try something a little more grown-up, I picked some of my favorite messenger bag styles and options from around the web. Product info below.

#BTS Messenger Bags for Girls |

1. Solid ClassMate® Messenger Bag, $34, Lands’ End
2. Girls Canvas Messenger Bag, $15, Old Navy
3. Mystic Apparel Mya Messenger Bag with Pencil Case, $9.99, Academy
4. Wildkin Lady Bug Kickstart Messenger Bag, $26.99, eBags
5. Wildkin Majestic Kickstart Messenger Bag, $29.99, Kohl’s
Nylon Messenger Bag in Budding Lilac, $22.72, Gap
6. Print ClassMate® Messenger Bag, $34, Lands’ End

An arrow is not just an arrow when used in nursery decor for our Fancy Girls.

As I started collecting ideas for Chasing Arrows, I discovered an even deeper and more inspiration meaning of the arrow than I originally thought. Arrows are used to indicate your physical location & direction, but as a symbol, they portray vision, confidence, motivation, and the drive to accomplish goals. All things we want for our Fancy Girls. The arrow is easily found everywhere from jewelry to clothing, but what about nursery & bedroom decor? Below are some of our favorites to inspire even the tiniest of FGs to follow her arrow.

Chasing Arrows: Arrow Themed Nursery Ideas for Girls |

Clockwise from top right:

  1. Wall Decal Mini-Pack, $12,
  2. “Sharp Shooter” pillow, $20, Earth Cadets
  3. Nursery Art Print, Dream Big Little One, $5, Etsy
  4. Colorful Arrows on Mint Fitted Crib Sheet, $65, Iviebaby
  5. Organic Coral arrows baby blanket, $36.50, luckypalmtree
  6. LouLou Made Exclusive Follow Your Arrow Pillow Cover, $35, Etsy
  7. Coral & Mint Arrow Bedding, $172, Caden Lane

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards and daughter Portia attended the Julius Jr. Fisher-Price toy launch in Hollywood this week wearing a dress perfectly suited for a future fashionista. While some kids might hear “Crazy for Coco” and think CocoaPuffs, we definitely know the difference! Get the La Vie Jet Setter Girl’s Shannon Dress for $60 on We also found some similar studded flats by Chatties for only $14.99.

Crazy for Coco Dress |

Image via DailMail

Eyelet is a perfect summer fabric: it’s lightweight, sweet and pretty, and evokes memories of summers past. It’s a trend that will circle back around time and time again and never overstay its welcome. Recently, I purchased a pair of blue eyelet shorts from for my middle Fancy Girl. She’s in a skirts-only kind of phase, so for her to wear these shorts is a big deal. Even though they’re sold out (for now), there are many other places to get some eyelet for your summer wardrobe. Have some fun shopping below!

Trendspotting: Eye Love Eyelet |

1. Cheerful Eyelet Bubble, $9.99,Gymboree | 2. Little Me Baby Girls’ Eyelet Sunsuit, $28, Macy’s | 3. Eyelet Lantern, $1.50 each, | 4. Little Girls’ Cotton Ruffled Eyelet Dress, $74.99,Polo Ralph Lauren | 5. Biscotti Girls’ Eyelet Tiered Dress, $90, Bloomingdale’s | 6. Big Girl Belted Eyelet Dress, $25,Guess | 7. Epic Threads Girls’ Eyelet Shorts, $13.99, Macy’s | 8. Pull On Eyelet Shorts For Baby, , Old Navy | 9. Eyelet Sneakers For Baby, ,Old Navy | 10. Keds Girls’ or Little Girls’ Eyelet Lace-Less Skimmers, ,Macy’s