We are a full week into fall, otherwise known as BOOTS WEATHER! My girls and I have done the ceremonial #brownbootsselfie just a few times–with most of those photo ops prompted by their unanimous shout to strike a pose. Besides the style aspect of fall boots, Fancy Girls also need boots for practical purposes like roaming the pumpkin patch for their own Great Pumpkin, jumping in muddy puddles, and walking through the hay-covered dirt on school trips to the farm. We have a farm trip coming up soon and the only wearable rain boots I have are a size too small. Good thing Bogs Footwear came to the rescue! My middle Fancy Girl had the chance to sample these adorable Berry striped rain boots ($50) from their kids collection, and they will absolutely do the job while she’s walking through the mud and hay on the farm. As you can see below, she couldn’t wait to put on her boots (those who know her IRL, know how much she loves boots), and was excited to have a rainy day to really test them out.

IMG_2981 copy

Puddle Jumping: Bogs Rain Boots for Girls  | AFancyGirlMust.com

Puddle Jumping: Bogs Rain Boots for Girls  | AFancyGirlMust.com

Puddle Jumping: Bogs Rain Boots for Girls  | AFancyGirlMust.com

Not only do the boots meet the puddle-jumping test, but they also meet the fit and function test too. After a full day of wearing the boots at school, my daughter was happy to report that the boots felt great. And she is not one to mince her words. Moving on the specifics, Bogs are probably the only boots you will see with a page on the technology behind the design. The kids’ boots have three layers: an outer layer that’s 100% waterproof, a Neo-Tech layer that provides comfort and insulation, and an inner Bogs Max-Wick layer that repels sweat away to keep feet dry. Yes, yes, and yes! All three layers are flexible and lightweight for the little walker, and the sole has a durable tread to keep your kids’ footing on any surface. Puddle Jumping: Bogs Rain Boots for Girls  | AFancyGirlMust.com If the function of the boots isn’t enough to sell you, then the variety of colors and prints definitely will! Check them out below. Seriously cute! Shop kids rain boots now. Puddle Jumping: Bogs Rain Boots for Girls  | AFancyGirlMust.com What even more adorable? Check out their baby boots! I know! Shop baby rain boots now. Puddle Jumping: Bogs Rain Boots for Girls  | AFancyGirlMust.com And there’s even more: winter boots, hiking boots, outdoor shoes, sizes for toddlers & babies, men and women. The reviews online all rave about Bogs, but some say that the boots run small. I didn’t find that the case, but you’ll want to measure your child’s feet and compare with the size chart online. OR, go a size bigger and have the boots for 2 years!   Editor’s Note: I received the pair of Bogs boots in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own and are 100% authentic. I get feedback from kids too, who we all know tell it like it is! 

Friday Fresh Picks
I’m so thrilled to be part of this new weekly series started by Sarah Hughes, founder of Finnegan and The Hughes. Every week we will be sharing our “fresh picks,” or things that we–or our kids–are loving at the moment. And each of my posts will include links to these other fabulous women so you can meet, enjoy and become loyal followers of their content too:

  1. Sarah, Finnegan and The Hughes: Sarah writes about life as mom to a son, daughter, and their furry pal Finnegan. She is also a champion for social good as an advocate for Shot@Life and the Preeclampsia Foundation;
  2. Sheila, Pieces of a Mom: Sheila is the resident fashionista and mom to two girls;
  3. Tina, Life Without Pink: Tina is the authority on raising boys (in my mind at least!) She features moms of boys often on her blog;
  4. Erica, No Sleep ‘Til College: Erica says what’s on my mind quite often. She brings the comic relief to the sleepless life as a busy mom;

As my inaugural Fresh Picks, I decided to share some fall 2014 fashion trends for girls. We are officially in the fall season, and retailers are already rolling out their holiday collections. Get a leg up on what the trends are for fall and winter with inspiration from high-end designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, and Roberto Cavalli. The children’s collections from these top fashion houses are just as fabulous as you would expect. I picked just a few (okay actually a lot) of my favorites, but you can see all kid style looks on my Pinterest board. And don’t think you’re too late to shop for fall. As I mention in my Back-to-School shopping tips, sometimes it’s better to wait until school starts so your son/daughter can see what their friends are wearing.

As you’ll see below, some of the trends for fall/winter 2014 include: Heavy embellishments, floral, plaid, animal print, brocade and jacquard fabrics, quilted jackets, fur & feathers, primary colors, and soft tones/blushes. It also appears that shades of blue might be the new neutral.

Take a look below and let me know your favorite. What is your Fancy Girl wearing now?

Kid Style: Armani Junior Fall Winter 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Armani Junior Fall Winter 2014

Kid Style: Baby Dior A/W 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Baby Dior A/W 2014

Kid Style: BABY DIOR – FALL/WINTER 2014 | AFancyGIrlMust.com


Kid Style: Benetton Kids Autumn 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Benetton Kids Autumn 2014

Kid Style: Burberry Children | AFancyGirlMust.com

Burberry Children A/W 2014

Kid Style: Dolce & Gabbana JUNIOR A/W 2014-2015 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Dolce & Gabbana JUNIOR A/W 2014-2015

Kid Style: Havoc Denim A/W/ 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Havoc Denim A/W/ 2014

Kid Style: IKKS Kids A/W 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

IKKS Kids A/W 2014

Kid Style: Jottum Winter 2014/2015 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Jottum Winter 2014/2015

Kid Style: LILI GAUFRETTE – FALL/WINTER 2014-15 | AFancyGirlMust.com


Kid Style: Marie Chantal A/W 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Marie Chantal A/W 2014

Kid Style: mim-pi winter 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

mim-pi winter 2014

Kid Style: Mini Preen A/W/ 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Mini Preen A/W/ 2014

Kid Style: Miss Blumarine A/W 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Miss Blumarine A/W 2014

Kid Style: Monnalisa A/W 1014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Monnalisa A/W 1014

Kid Style: Monnalisa fall/winter 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Monnalisa fall/winter 2014

Kid Style: Pale Cloud, AW14 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Pale Cloud, AW14

Kid Style: Pinko Kids F/W 2014/15 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Pinko Kids F/W 2014/15

Kid Style: Quis Quis Girls Winter 2014 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Quis Quis Girls Winter 2014

Kid Style: ROBERTO CAVALLI – FALL/WINTER – 2014/15 | AFancyGirlMust.com



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One of the most colorful design families ever has come to Walmart.com.

The Novogratz has launched a bedding and bath collection exclusively with Walmart called “9 by Novogratz” (they have 7 kids), and it’s just as colorful, fun and happy as their design philosophy. The husband-wife design team, Courtney & Robert, “created a versatile assortment that inspires mixing and matching pieces to suit your style and fit your budget.”

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

The launch of this bedding collection has come at a perfect time for my family since my oldest Fancy Girl is at that stage in her pre-tween tween-ness where she’s more into blue tones and peace signs than she is about pinks, purples and princesses. I had been meaning to upgrade her current bedspread from plain white with pink & green accents to something more her. I just never found the right comforter that would complement her current “Autumn Red” walls, that is until Novogratz arrived in my inbox!

We had an opportunity to test drive some of the 9 by Novogratz bedding; since my daughter loves anything in the blue family, I chose the Rise & Shine” Bed-in-a-Bag set in Blue. We also received the Dream in Color Soft comforter (or duvet) + sham. Both were beautiful in the lookbook, and they both exceeded my expectation in person. Not only is the aqua shade and arrow-chevron print a perfect visual upgrade for my daughter, but it is soft, light-weight and really comfy. The set came with a matching pillow sham, flat & fitted sheets with a pale avocado-ish version of the comforter print, and a decor pillow with a red print.

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

If you’re a fan of The Novogratz’s work, then you know they don’t skimp on color. You can expect a bedding collection with lots of color-mixing and lots of prints and shapes. Below is just a snippet of what’s available on Walmart.com.

Comforter + Sham sets range from $69.97 (Twin) to $89.98 (King); Duvet + Sham sets range from $49.97 (Twin) to $79.97 (King)

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

Bed-in-a-Bag sets range from $69.97 (Twin) to $79.97 (King);

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

Sheet sets are also available and range from $39.97 (Twin) to $59.97 (King).

After you brighten up your bedroom, you’ll need to do the same to the bathroom too. The collection includes shower curtains ($21.97), towel sets ($21.97), and bath sets (starting at $29.97). They also have decorative pillows starting at $18.97

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

Just as the Novogratz collection states, the bedding and bathroom collection will definitely help you to “live happy.” Everyone needs a little color in their life…or sometimes a lot!

9 by Novogratz Exclusive Collection with Walmart

The 9 by Novogratz collection is available exclusively on Walmart.com.

What collection is your favorite?

We received product from The Novogratz/Walmert in exchange for a review. All of our opinions are authentic and honest.

When most of us were little girls, we played in our mom’s closet and clomped around in her shoes, pretending to be grown-up like her. Now that we are older (and able to treat ourselves to some hard-earned fashion musts), shoes have come to represent much more than just our maturity status: They inspire feelings of joy, confidence, moxie, and appreciation for the beauty and the art of the design. It’s this appreciation of the art that inspired the book Art & Sole by Jane Gershon Weitzman, who was the executive vice president of Stuart Weitzman, first vice president of Stuart Weitzman Retail, and is the wife of the American shoe designer. This is the perfect gift for shoe lovers, fashionistas, art aficionados, or anyone in your life who loves shoes. This was also a philanthropic project: When the book first launched, proceeds were donated to support the ovarian and breast cancer research of Dr. Marsha A. Moses at The Folkman Institute of Boston Children’s Hospital. Jane Weitzman continues to support various local and national charities throughout the year. Below is a little more about the book and a quick Q&A with Ms. Weitzman.

About the book:
Art & Sole showcases approximately 150 shoes of the more than 1,000 Jane Weitzman has discovered and commissioned for display since the first Stuart Weitzman retail shop opened in the mid-1990s on Madison Avenue. Using the best of this collection, many of the shoes are in printed form for the first time. With an introduction by Jane Weitzman, the shoes are featured along with brief, identifying captions, in an impeccably designed, graphically compelling, artful package. Thumbnail photographs of every shoe in the book, along with a more in-depth description and a brief biography of each artist are also included.

About the author:
Jane Gershon Weitzman, author of Art & Sole
Jane Gershon Weitzman was the executive vice president of Stuart Weitzman and the first vice President of Stuart Weitzman Retail. She spearheaded philanthropy for the company by generating funds to support breast and ovarian cancer research and awareness. Her efforts were brought to life through innovative charity events on the brand’s website, such as the Stuart Weitzman Celebrity Breast Cancer Shoe Auction, and its retail stores. She serves on the Trust Board of the Boston Children’s Hospital.

Q: This is absolutely the kind of book I would gift to my mother–fashion is something we enjoy together. And as a mom of 3 girls, 2 of which LOVE playing with my shoes (my youngest is only at the crawling stage), I could see them reading this book with fascination over the materials used to make the shoes. Even though this would not necessarily be a bedtime book, it’s something we could enjoy looking at together. Do you find that there’s something about shoes that bonds girls and their moms? Is there something that girls see in themselves through their mothers’ shoes?

A: I think that little girls love to dress up in their mother’s clothes and that her shoes are a part of this. All things considered, the bedtime stories and the reading that they lead to are, of course, more important. Beautifully illustrated children’s books are so important, because they are a child’s first introduction to art. It is still important for girls to have fun dressing up, though.

"Automata VI" Art & Sole by Jane Gershon Weitzman | AFancyGirlMust.com

Automata VI


Q: Has your husband’s empire impacted your appreciation of the art in shoes or have you always had a love of fashion & art?

A: I have always loved both art and fashion. I still remember the dress that I wore to the first party I went to with a date when I was about 12. It was so beautiful that I looked at it every night before I went to bed until I wore it. Stuart and I have collected art ever since we got married. I can’t imagine living without it.

"Decked in Dahlias" Art & Sole by Jane Gershon Weitzman | AFancyGirlMust.com

Decked in Dahlias

Q: For little girls who want a career in fashion and design, what would you tell them? Any career advice?

A: Study hard and learn the basics. Read everything about fashion and design that you can get your hands on, magazines and websites, as well as books. Go to as many museums as you can, especially those that have shows about fashion and design.

"Tin Can Alley" Art & Sole by Jane Gershon Weitzman | AFancyGirlMust.com

Tin Can Alley

Q: What is your favorite shoe in the book?

A: It would be like choosing a favorite child. They are each wonderful to me in a different way.

"Fence Me In" Art & Sole by Jane Gershon Weitzman | AFancyGirlMust.com

Fence Me In

Q: Do you have a personal connection with Ovarian and Breast Cancer? What is the background of your support for the cancer research?

A: My mother died from breast cancer in 1963. We have come a long way since then, but not nearly far enough. A customer in our Boston store had ovarian cancer and she was the reason we got involved. I was shocked to learn that most women don’t know the symptoms, all of which are symptoms of other things. Since then, I have lost two friends to this terrible disease.


Art & Sole is available for purchase at Barnes & Noble, Stuart Wetizman boutiques or online, and retailers across the country, for only $25. This will be the most beautiful gift with a purpose that you can give this year.

With just a few quick steps, you can turn a banana into ice cream– or something just like it. This light and tasty alternative to the real McCoy can be a fancy treat for your kids to help assemble after dinner or as a quick snack. Follow the steps below, and enjoy!

Amazingly Delicious & Simple Banana "Ice Cream" | AFancyGirlMust.com

While our young Fancy Girls are busy with back-to-school happenings in September, the fashion world is back-to-the-runway for the main event: Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. From our front-row seat on the phone, we are diligently scrolling Instagram and searching hashtags and designers for the latest trends. We already have some early favorites from the first few days and have a feeling that your Fancy Girls will like them too. Click the designer names to see even more from their collections.

BCBG Max Azria
#NYFW: BCBG Max Azria S/S 2015 | AFancyGirlMust.com
Carmen Marc Valvo
#NYFW: Carmen Marc Valvo S/S 2015 | AFancyGirlMust.com

#NYFW: Desigual S/S 2015 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Hervé Léger by Max Azria
#NYFW: Hervé Léger by Max Azria S/S 2015  | AFancyGirlMust.com

Monique Lhuillier
#NYFW: Monique Lhuillier S/S 2015 | AFancyGirlMust.com
Tadashi Shoji
#NYFW: Tadashi Shoji S/S 2015 | AFancyGirlMust.com

Images via Stylebistro.com

There are plenty of kids in TV, but not that many who are part of Emmy-nominated (and Emmy-winning) shows. Two young Hollywood regulars on the Emmys red carpet are Aubrey Anderson-Emmons of Modern Family and Kiernan Shipka of Mad Men. The two stars looked lovely at Monday’s award ceremony. Aubrey is wearing another custom Tea Collection dress (as she has in past years), and Kiernan is wearing Antonio Berardi. At only 14, Kiernan has been dressed by some of the biggest fashion houses in the world and has developed a modern retro fashion sense (Check out my top 10 from 2013 on HollywoodMomBlog)

Who were your favorites from The Emmys?

On Saturday, August 23rd, I’m taking my 2 oldest Fancy Girls to the Bridgewater Mall for the #MacysBTS event with Radio Disney. The kid-friendly soiree will have crafts, karaoke, face painting, and much more! Plus, we’ll get the scoop on the must-have trends for fall. Even though some of you have already started back to school, there is still time for your child to be the authority on fall fashion. As I said in my #bts shopping tips, sometimes it’s a good idea to wait until school starts again so your child can see what his/her friends are wearing. They might just change their mind on what they really, really want.

If you’re not in NJ, fear not! The #MacysBTS event is taking place across the country! The complete schedule is below. If you can’t attend, make sure to follow my Instagram posts from @MrsMoNJ and tweets from @AFancyGirlMust.

Macy's & Radio Disney for Back-To-School Event | AFancyGirlMust.com
Join Macy’s for an afternoon of Back-to-School fashion and fun! See what’s trending for boys and girls from graphic tees to denim to skater-inspired dresses. Hang with us and Radio Disney for crafts, face painting, games and prizes. Receive a great gift with your qualifying purchase.* All events subject to change or cancellation. *While supplies last.

Macy’s Citrus Park
Tampa, FL
Children’s Department, 2nd Floor
August 9th, 1PM

Macy’s West County
St. Louis, MO
Kids Department, 3rd Floor
August 16th, 2PM

Macy’s Woodfield
Schaumburg, IL
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 16th, 2PM

Macy’s Northlake
Charlotte, NC
Children’s Department, 2nd Floor
August 16th, 2PM

Macy’s Great Lakes
Mentor, OH
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Bridgewater Commons
Bridgewater, NJ
Kids Department, 3rd Floor
August 23rd, 12PM

Macy’s Arden Fair
Sacramento, CA
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 23rd, 1PM

Macy’s Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks, CA
Kids Department, Level 1
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Park Meadows
Littleton, CO
Kids Department, Level 3
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Robinson Town Centre
Pittsburgh, PA
Kids Department, 2nd Floor
August 23rd, 1PM

Macy’s Downtown Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
Kids Department, 4th Floor
August 23rd, 2PM

Macy’s Clackamas
Portland, OR
Kids Department, Lower Level
August 30th, 1PM

Macy’s Walden Galleria
Cheektowanga, NY (Buffalo)
Lower Level
September 6th, 2PM

Macy’s South Shore Plaza
Braintree, MA
Kids Department, 2nd Floor
September 13th, 2PM

For more Macy’s Back To School events information, please visit: http://www1.macys.com/m/campaign/splash/back-to-school/back-to-school-events

As soon as my daughters entered an organized school environment, they had opinions about their clothes and were easily influenced by what their friends were wearing. Yes, it starts at age 4!  I have now come to the conclusion that the girls need to be fully part of the shopping process so I don’t waste money on things they don’t want. If you’re facing a similar dilemma with your kids, below are my 5 tips for making it through the shopping season. How do you shop for your kids? I would love to know the routines you go through as well.

5 Tips for  Surviving  the #BTS  Shopping  Experience | A Fancy Girl Must Blog

  1. Establish a routine going into the fall of what you will buy for your kids. It could be that you purchase 1-2 outfits for school and then, once the school gets started, your child can see what their friends are wearing and what some of the trends are for some additional purchases (within a limited budget). Remember that it’s still pretty warm through most of September and some of October and your children can still wear summer clothing. If your child is old enough to earn their own money through babysitting or mowing the lawn, then let them pay for some things too. It’ll teach them (hopefully) some financial responsibility.
  2. Another good habit to get into is a Save It, Toss It, Want It process throughout the summer. Make the Back to School shopping adventure an opportunity to clear out the closet and give to charity as well. See what doesn’t fit, what he/she doesn’t like and will never wear, etc, and pack that up for Good Will. If you have younger siblings of the same gender, see what can be passed down to save money (it’s like new to them anyway). And then take notes on what your kid needs and what they WANT. The Want list could be something you have a set budget for and then they can wait and see until the school year starts to see if they still want it (or if it’s something ALL of their friends have). You also need to see what’s required for activities as well (gym clothes, sports, activities, school colors, etc)
  3. Set standards of decency. This should already be implied through your parenting and house rules already, but make sure your kids are aware of what is acceptable and what’s not. This is a good process for the parent as well: you might need to learn to accept that certain trends that are completely appropriate for their age level might just be something you don’t like. Not liking something is different from thinking it’s not acceptable. You want your kids to be comfortable in their clothes both physically and socially. You want them to express their personality and style, but within limits. Things like ripped jeans, too-high skirts, visible bra straps, saggy pants, etc., are perfectly fine to make part of your standard or decency. However, if your kid likes a color, print or image that you don’t, you need to be flexible in that area.
  4. Purchase layers and separates that can be worn with other items already in the closet. Get coordinating colors, neutral bottoms & long-sleeved tops, etc. Clothing like tunics, tank tops and shorts can be worn in all seasons with layers as well.
  5. Finally, ask your child if he/she has an example of an outfit they like. Perhaps it’s a celebrity style they try to model after. This will help in the planning process and you can get a better idea of what they like. Don’t waste your money guessing on clothes they want. It’ll be a battle not worth fighting when it comes time to get dressed in the morning. There are other things like homework, grades, and oh yeah, social issues, that are way more important to deal with. Open communication with your kid might just start with clothes and can lead to a good relationship in other areas of your life. Think about it!


Outfit pictured is from FabKids: Skirt- Color Tiered Tutu, $7.99 

The first week of school always involved the exciting ritual of pulling out the paper grocery bags to cover textbooks. It was almost as ceremonial as carving pumpkins since we all gathered around the table the same way, with our supplies ready to get creative. The best part of the whole process was grabbing markers and writing the subject in huge bubble letters with a shadow effect behind each letter. Oh the 90s. Over the years, book covers got more sophisticated and less disposable, and now it’s like there’s an entire fashion line just for school supplies. For the Fancy Girl who likes to make her own statement and dress her books how SHE wants to, we found some fun DIY projects to give you some inspiration. Click each image for more info and instructions.

Fabric Covered Books by Chelsea @ two twenty one

New Uses for Books  Real Simple

Duct Tape cover found on mysweetimaginations.blogspot.com

How To Make Shopping Bag Textbook Covers by Diane Henkler  In My Own Style

Textbook Cover: Pocket found on Martha Stewart

DIY Textbook Covers Found on creativebug.com

From top to bottom:
1. Fabric Covered Books by Chelsea @ two twenty one
2. New Uses for Books by Real Simple
3. Duck tape cover by mysweetimaginations.blogspot.com
4. How To Make Shopping Bag Textbook Covers by Diane Henkler- In My Own Style
5. DIY Textbook Covers by creativebug.com