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5 Things Good Dancers Do Differently

5 Things Good Dancers Do Differently

Do you have a Misty Copeland wannabe in your life? Here’s a guest post by Wendy Dessler to inspire her drive. 

Good dancers are a breed apart. They have incorporated their art into every part of their being. It is more than a talent and an ability to move their bodies in particular ways to music. A good dancer has what it takes to succeed because it is in their DNA.

Parents are the ones who get to see this early in the child’s life. And then it even comes to them – will they help the child invest in their talents, or decide against it.

It’s (thankfully) very rare that a parent will look away from pure talent. Nevertheless, it gets hard from time to time, which is when the parents’ strength comes into play.

When we look at a good dancer, we soon discover that they do things differently. It is those differences that determine where the dancer will travel in their career and how far they will grow in their artform. Let’s look at some of those differences.

  1. A good dancer learns human psychology and human behavior. They study the effect their art has on people. What emotions does it draw out? How can the reaction of the audience make the performance? A good dancer understands that it is not just the flawless moves that create dance and they use that knowledge to their advantage. They never dance to impress someone else. A good dancer is honest to the depth of their soul and their performance brings honest emotion from the viewer.
  2. A good dancer holds themselves to a higher standard. They never compromise. They are the masters of their emotions, their behavior, and their future. In the most minor of situations, they demand excellence. Practice is never an afterthought. The proper dance uniform is as important as any tool. They always behave with dignity and class. This is part of the good dancers persona. They respect their art, their teachers, and themselves.
  3. A good dancer critiques themselves. They practice in front of a mirror. They video themselves and strive to improve every imperfection. They are their toughest audience. They take every aspect of practice seriously. They consider music their greatest tool and their partner. They listen to their instructors and they push themselves. However, a good dancer is never harsh or unforgiving of themselves. They are stern, but they are also their own biggest fan. They reject judgmental thoughts and self-destructive behaviors.
  4. A good dancer listens to their own body. If they feel a pain, they address it. Injury is a career destroyer. They eat healthy foods and they learn how the foods they eat will impact the way they feel. They know what brings restoration and energy and what makes them sluggish. They learn to rest when rest is needed. They know how far they can push and when pushing becomes a risk. A good dancer is so attuned with their body that they know what will happen often before it does. Illness rarely sneaks up on them.
  5. A good dancer loves to dance. This may sound silly, but if a person doesn’t love dance, they will never be a good dancer. If a person gets into dance for the wrong reason, they may learn the steps and learn to perform in front of a crowd, but unless they allow the art to become part of them, they can never be truly great at it.


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