Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday: Mixed Prints

I’ve learned from my daughter that the most unexpected patterns and colors can look really good together. She’ll come out of her room with leggings, a top underneath a party dress, and a gazillion bracelets (and hair things acting as bracelets) and I’ll look at her for a second–wanting to say “what are you wearing!”–and realize that what she’s put together actually looks fun and shockingly on trend!

Even though I love an order to things I have learned to let my Fancy Girl be creative while exploring in her closet. I know this will come back to haunt me when she’s a tween/teen and we’re in a rush to get to school and she just has to try on ONE MORE outfit!

In any case, I started a board on Pinterest dedicated to mixed prints, inspired by my Fancy Girl. Specifically this and this and this.  For this post however, I was inspired by picture of a woman wearing gingham and a floral skirt. Absolutely fabulous right? I know my daughter would put this together for herself, so below is an outfit I would gladly arrange for her! And the great thing about these items is you can pair them with so many other pieces of clothing.

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Inspiration from Pinterest
  2. Girls Rosette Headband, $3.99 Old Navy, or
  3. Neon Bow Headband, $2.25 Children’s Place
  4. Short Sleeve Gingham Top, $9.99 OshKosh
  5. Shirred Floral Skirt, $14.99 Janie and Jack
  6. Glitter Bow Ballet Flat, $11.99 Crazy8
  7. Glitter Braid Bracelet, $10.50(silver) and $8.50 (purple) J. Crew


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