Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday: Beautiful in Blue like Molly Ringwald

My friend Janie, who happens to be a Dapper Dude mom, shares my love of fashion and shoes and all things fancy. She also inspired (and kick-started) this week’s post.

A few weeks ago, Princeton Library was treated to a visit by the ultimate 80s icon of pink: Molly Ringwald. Her role as Andy in “Pretty in Pink” inspired me to be more creative and attempt to make my own clothes. And I secretly envied her taming-of-the-bad-boy in “Breakfast Club.” But that night, she wasn’t an actress. She was there as an author, on tour for her new book “When It Happens To You.”  While Molly was there to discuss her book and her professional evolution as a writer, I couldn’t help but envy her ensemble. From her statement specs to her buckle-strap J. Crew sandals, Molly Ringwald went from “Pretty in Pink” to “Beautiful in Blue” (to quote Janie). Navy Blue dresses are a MUST for a Fancy Girl and, as you can see, she can dress it up with her favorite nail color. Here’s a look inspired by Molly Ringwald that is easy to pull off from any of your favorite stores!

  1. Polo Prep Tortoiseshell Glasses, $78.91, 
  2. Milly Mini Ponti Dress, $87, Neiman Marcus
  3. Essie Jelly Apple, $8,
  4. Salt Water Sandal by Hoy Shoes, $38,
Molly Ringwald Photo credit: Princeton Public Library




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