…get a library card during National Sign-up Month!

Did you know September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month? I’m a big fan of my local library and my girls are too. Even though they were born into a very digital world (my day job is in pr/marketing and social media) they still love sitting down with their favorite books to make up stories from the pictures. I try and visit once a month to pick up a new assortment of books to keep up the excitement of something new. When we’re at home reading from our own “library,” sometimes Big Sis aka “teacher” reads to her “student,” and sometimes they read quietly side-by-side. Either way, it’s a beautiful moment when it happens. And even though they both have learned a lot from playing with apps and educational websites, I LOVE that they love physical books. I hope that feeling never goes away.

I have a “Fancy Books” board set up on Pinterest to collect books I borrow, find and/or purchase for my girls. A most recent purchase was the Fancy Nancy’s Favorite Fancy Words since my older Fancy Girl is always asking me for the “fancy word for….” She is always trying to emulate her favorite literary friend and I thought this book would be a perfect guide.

What would you add to our collection and what is your Fancy Girl’s favorite book(s)? 



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