Fashion Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday: Fancy with Attitude–Harajuku Mini for Target

Kids wear what they like; they don’t think about it too much. And whether or not their outfit choices looks okay enough to leave the house, your child’s personal style provides a little visual of their true personality. From what my Fancy Girl puts together and prefers from her closet, I’d say her look is Fancy and Funky. She loves neon tutus, glitter belts with Taylor Swift-esque party dresses, and lots and lots and lots of arm candy. One of her favorite skirts from last fall/winter was a black with white polka dot skirt from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Mini line for Target. I bought it for Christmas and she wore it for any dressy occasion thereafter. That’s why I’m excited to see the new collection for fall! And, as I would expect from the ever fashionably funky Gwen Stefani, there’s some Fancy with Attitude mixed in. Below are 5 of my favorites (though it was really tough to just pick 5). Click the image for product info.

 1. Sleeveless Dress in Animal Print (also available in Infant size)










2. Girls’ Beret

Harajuku Mini for Target® Girls' Beret Hat - Yellow OSFM








3. Toddler Girls’ Sock Hop Dress

Harajuku Mini for Target® Toddler Girls' Sock Hop Dress - Black










4. Toddler Girls’ Printed Straps and Button Tee

Harajuku Mini for Target® Toddler Girls' Printed Straps and Button Tee - Pink










5. Toddler Girls’ Leopard Print Skirt
Harajuku Mini for Target® Toddler Girls' Leopard Print Skirt - Brown 


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