…dine on a place setting that’s both fancy and educational

My daughter is at that age where she wants to help out at dinner doing whatever she can. Usually, since most of my dinner prep is over the stove, I assign her to table duty. She loves picking out a placemat for her and her little sis–she obviously gets the “fancy” one. Below are some of our new favorite place setting items. I love the placemat from Crocodile Creek. They are beautifully illustrated with options like the alphabet, counting, flowers, and of course the fairy tale and ballerina variety. The rest are just some of the items that my girls can’t eat without. And if your Fancy Girl wants to play make believe and set the table for a dressy affair, there’s a guide at the very bottom for setting a formal and informal table.

Placemats from Crocodile Creek

Source: via AFancyGirl on Pinterest


Plates from Target



Pink Utensils from Pottery Barn Teen (purchased in the Pottery Barn Kids store)


Personalized Cups from Stellar Trends


Place Setting Guide


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  • I like those target plates- so cute!