…look like she’s a NYC girl without having to live there! (GapKids Bryan Park Collection)

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it: GAP needs to make Mommy size versions of their kids’ collections. I started feeling this way when they came out with The Abbey Road Collection a few years back, and now, with the launch of their Bryant Park Collection, I will shout from the mountain tops so all the Gaps in the land can hear! ( I do realize that if they actually gave us these clothes in mom size, the price point would increase beyond average Gap prices.) I want to thank my NJ mom friend @MetsChick for alerting me to this stunning collection!

This metro chic collection has Fancy Girl written all over it: leopard print separates, lots of pink, and black & white coordinates. If you haven’t noticed, animal print and black & white are 2 big trends in fashion for fall/winter, and Gap hits the mark on girls’ clothing inspired from women’s fashion trends. If you are a devotee to high-end children’s fashion, you’ll also notice this is a “luxe for less” version of the D&G Junior collection that is easily 10 times the price point.

If you have a more restricted budget when it comes to clothing shopping, I still recommend picking up 1 or 2 pieces that you can mix & match. The quality really is superb!  I should also note that animal print is now considered a neutral, making it even MORE interchangeable. Below are 10 pieces (I tried for a Top 5, but just couldn’t do it) that are a Fancy Girl MUST for a fall wardrobe:

1. Leopard Print Bow Dress, $29.95

2. Corduroy Bubble Skirt, $29.95

3. Pleated Corduroy Shorts, $26.95

Bryant Park Collection at

4. Mock-neck Bow Tie Top, $19.95

Bryant Park Collection at

5. Ribbed Bow Dress, $24.95

6. Ponte Bow Pants, $19.95 

7. Leopard Ballet Flats, $26.95

Bryant Park Collection at

8. Three-quarter Cape, $44.95

9. Chiffon Petal Headband, $12.95

10. Bow Riding Boot, $39.95

Bryant Park Collection at


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