…never have to settle on just one color for her fancy decor

The chandelier below is gorgeous isn’t it? Would you believe I found it at a country store in Quechee, VT? True story.

Rainbow chandelier spotted at the Quechee Country Store in Quechee, VT

I wasn’t expecting to see bohemian chic among maple syrup and plush moose toys, but its charm gave me confidence that I would find some equally “colorful” toys and accessories for my girls.

The way my mind works, a bunch of thoughts ran through my head of what to do with this colorful discovery: find a cheap version, DIY a drab replica with rainbow paint, or just post the picture online and say how pretty it is. I like a little detective work and, since I am such a brilliant web sleuth, it only took me 5 minutes to find the real deal for $199.












If $199 is more of a luxe than a less price point, then here’s one for $79 from Urban Outfitters.









And then if DIY is more your budget (that would be me!), here’s a great project from View Along the Way. While the author Kelly makes a blue chandelier, the draping is similar and you can certainly paint it different colors.



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