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Costco Lawrence NJ Products Kirkland

There’s a lot of buzz around here about a new Costco that’s opening. I’m not a member (yet), but pretty much everyone has in my life have been card-carrying members since either a) they had kids or b) wanted a one-stop shopping mecca for everything from flat screen TVs to wine. In fact, I can’t even give you a good reason for why we’re not members yet. It’s just one of those things we never did. Actually, one reason was that there was never a warehouse close enough to wear I lived. Until now. The latest Costco to open in New Jersey is in Lawrence Twp and will open on August 24th (See flyer below). If the location couldn’t be any more perfect, it’s down the road from the Quakerbridge Mall and just a few minutes off two major highways. Basically, Costco is telling folks in Mercer County: You’re welcome.

So back to the whole no membership thing. I know the value of Costco. I have friends and family who love it and get practically everything there. But to help me understand the product assortment, Costco was kind enough to send me some samples from their own line of Kirkland Signature products, plus samples from well-known brands like Mr. Clean and Pantene.

Costco Lawrence NJ Products Kirkland Costco Lawrence NJ Products Kirkland
Costco Lawrence NJ Products Kirkland

Costco Lawrence NJ Products Kirkland

As someone who is always looking for one-stop shopping options, I know that Costco is a great option for that. But I honestly had no idea just how much you can get there! That is until I conducted a poll of my Facebook friends to see what their favorites are. I expected maybe a few people to respond, but I was blown away with just how much everyone loves Costco, specifically their Kirkland brand. Read below to see what Costco has to offer:

  1. Wanda D:My favorite is the churro and fro-yo. Such a good treat.
  2. Eric R: Fresh fruits and vegetables!
  3. Corine I: 50-person sheet cake for parties – $20!!!
  4. Adam T: Scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch.
  5. Jessica C: Their organic selection is AMAZING.
  6. Sean G: Alcohol and the Kirkland stuff for mixed drinks
  7. Heather S: snacks for lunches, water, Hebrew National Hot Dogs, Honest Juice, Bubba Burgers. Also electronics – cameras, etc. MUST HAVES – so much less and so many extras.
  8. Bonnie S: Huge packages of delicious peaches, plums and other fruit. I haven’t seen their plums anywhere else. They’re black with red flesh. Very tasty! Also their organic ground meat, cashew clusters and challah. Great prices and quality.
  9. Cathy P: Paper goods, vitamins, water bottles, electronics, Tate’s cookies, 1/2 & 1/2, cheeses, aluminum foil.
  10. Jen R-B: Paper towels, TP, meat, and my new fave coffee: Kirkland Signature – roasted by Starbucks,  House Blend for $10.99/32oz.
  11. Ali G: Organic meat, peanut butter is cheaper, fruit lasts longer, frozen shrimp are fantastic, seaweed salad, herbs, frozen fruit, vitamins, diapers.
  12. Kelsey R: Organic milk (three ultra pasteurized half gallon packs), frozen berries, flowers and plants in the summer months, occasionally clothes for the kids, wait for coupons on ziplock, cleaning supplies, paper goods, various health and beauty items (tooth brushes, vitamins etc)
  13. Tammy C:We buy a ton of paper products, but really like the Kirkland Baby Wipes. We have used them for all three kids.
  14. Lynette Y: ALL Kirkland brand: Tunafish. Meats. Coffee. Peanut/almond butter. Strawberry jam. Pesto. Bulk nut and dried fruit mixes. Olive oil (Kirkland brand is one of the rare ones on the market that is actually 100% EVOO and not secretly cut like most others.)
  15. Suzanne O’R: Rotisserie chicken, their cucumbers and their filet mingnon
  16. Inna L: Kirkland paper towels and toilet paper. Organic meat. Organic fruit. Household items – great towels, thin velvetline hangers, and great gifts for kids around the holiday season!
  17. Allison T: Their Kirkland brand TP is the best price around. I love their stuffed salmon and guac with Greek yogurt too. Also tried their olive oil recently which was excellent.
  18. Angela D: Coconut oil, almond milk, cheddar cheese, KerryGold butter, frozen fruit, lettuce, bananas, watermelons, carrots, organic chicken, nitrate-free bacon, toilet paper, paper towel, TRASH BAGS (the cheapest ever!), Dawn, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, batteries, coffee, organic sugar, pharmacy items, feminine hygiene products, OTC meds and some vitamins, frozen salmon fillets, Goldfish, peanut butter…
  19. Lynn N: Ribbons for packages. So much less expensive than anywhere else.
  20. Mary D: Organic milk (3 half gallons at a time is awesome!). Eggs, kale salad mix for parties, berries, bakery bread, Clorox/Lysol wipes, nuetrogena shower gel, batteries.
  21. Sheila H: Vitamins, specifically Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails.
  22. Kathleen M: Pine nuts, real vanilla, avocados, edamame, Brie, fresh mozzarella cheese, trash bags, TIDE detergent, walnuts and almonds.
  23. Dawn S: Just got a television today for my son who is moving into off campus housing. I also love their prepared guacamole and Asian chicken wraps. Kirkland cookies and pies are also good!
  24. Stephanie T: Between Costco v. Sam’s Club: Costco wins hands down in my book. Their Kirkland Signature (Costco Store Brand) is better quality and there is more food selections at the store. I grew up with Costco food since there wasn’t a Sam’s in Ocean County. Overall, I’m sure I’ve eaten just about everything in Costco at one point in my life.
  25. Lyssa H: Glasses! Chunky guacamole, Kirkland laundry detergent packs, Wisps(parmesan cheese crackers)
  26. Heather D: Organic milk, k-cups, fruit and vegetables, organic ground beef and chicken breasts, snacks, wild caught salmon, guacamole, fresh mozzerella – basically everything!
  27. Kimberly K: Milk, snacks, lots of organic stuff, laundry detergent, water. I could go on for days
  28. Angie K: Their wine selection is amazing
  29. Last but not least, check out Mommalew’s blog post listing her 10 top things to buy at Costco!

Have I convinced you yet?  If you’re considering becoming a member and live in the Lawrence Township vicinity, they currently has a special offer for new members. As you can see below, new Executive Members will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card and $55 in coupons and new Gold Star and Business Members will receive a $10 Costco Cash Card. These great offers are exclusive to our Lawrence Township location.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of membership at Costco.

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