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5 reasons JoJo’s Bows are our favorite hair accessory of the summer

Why we love JoJo Siwa Bows

My daughters have been dancing for a number of years, but they only recently became hooked – more like obsessed- with Dance Moms. Like – they will have dance competitions with each other and use performance videos from the show as their soundtrack. Thankfully the girls are more into watching the actual dancing and clips of their favorite dancers than they are in watching the made-for-TV drama with the uber strict owner Abby Lee Miller. Perhaps the most famous of the dancers is Maddie Ziegler (the Sia music video dancer), but the girls might just love JoJo Siwa even more. Like Maddie, JoJo has branched out beyond DM to build a YouTube empire, music career, and now a fashion/accessories line available at Claire’s, Target, Justice and Walmart.


Anyone with a dancer or cheerleader who is also a fan of the Dance Moms girls will need to take note of this: JoJo Siwa has a line of dancer bows. A lot of bows! She even has bows with her signature long platinum ponytail.

Why we love JoJo Siwa Bows

Why we love JoJo Siwa Bows

Why we love JoJo Siwa Bows

During a recent trip to Walmart, I spotted the JoJo end of the aisle – the bows, the hair, and even more stuff that any tween would go JoJo over. I am familiar with dance/cheer bows, and we even reviewed some a few years ago for The Ultimate Bow. I have to say I was pretty impressed with what I saw in the JoJo collection. If you’re new to dance bows, they’re usually oversized, showy, and firm, and usually accompany a high ponytail or bun. If it wasn’t the last day of school, I probably would have made a mental note to remember these for the next gift giving opportunity. But I knew the $5.97 for each bow was going to be worth it, especially since I knew they would be put to good use.

Why we love JoJo Siwa Bows

Why we love JoJo Siwa Bows

Sure enough – as soon as the girls got home, I presented their bows, and they immediately turned to YouTube to get in the JoJo zone. So this got me thinking: what was it about JoJo that they girls loved so much? I asked my eldest Fancy Girl to list out 5 reasons, and her responses were pretty straightforward and with a lot of feeling:

5 reasons why JoJo Siwa is the best!!

  1. Jojo was on the hit reality show dance moms!!
  2. Jojo has a whole fashion line of bows!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Jojo is really funny and has a lot of personality!
  4. Jojo has a lot of fun videos on youtube!!!!!!
  5. Jojo is really fun and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To elaborate on #4, below are their favorite videos:

Vlog: Awesome hotel birthday suprise

Song (Maddy’s fave): Kid in a Candy Store

Song (Catherine’s fave): Boomerang

Do your Fancy Girls like the Dace Moms girls? Who are their favorites?


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