Fashion Reviews Review & Interview with Founder Jodi Gallaer

JustShoesforKids Review & Interview with Founder Jodi Gallaer

*Disclaimer: I received product from JustShoesforKids in exchange for my review. All opinions are authentic and my own. 

There are certain places that you just don’t go with your kids to avoid the stress-inducing experience it would bring. For me it’s the supermarket, and for Jodi Gallaer, founder of JustShoesforKids, it was the shoe store. She launched her online kids shoe boutique to give all those other parents out there a place to shop for high quality shoes without needing to step “foot” in a store. And for a limited about of time, you can get 30% off the entire site with the promo code INSTAGRAM12! 

JustShoesforKids Review & Interview with Founder Jodi Gallaer

With free shipping and free returns, JustShoesforKids shows they have the customer in mind by making things convenient. The shoes are from European designers like Old Soles, Igor and Cienta, so your Fancy Girl or Dapper Dude can share in your own fabulosity. If you’ve read any of my past reviews, you’ll know that I look to highlight or partner with brands who are philanthropic. JustShoesFor Kids donates $1 from every pair of shoes purchased to the ELIJA Foundation for community outreach for Autism. The founder Jodi is a mom of two autistic boys and wants to give back to a foundation that has helped so many children and families. I asked Jodi more about this in our interview below.

As an introduction to JustShoesforKids, I was sent 2 pair of boots for my older girls and pair of silver Mary Janes for my youngest, and they really do make you feel special. I  have a preference for the aesthetic of European brands, so these shoes are right up my alley.

First up is my middle daughter in the pink Igor Campera Charol Rain Boot. It lucked out that we took pictures on a rainy day. The boots are sturdy and durable with a glossy finish. The pink bow adds a sweet feminine touch. They are available in aubergine, black, red, grey and navy.

JustShoesforKids Review & Interview with Founder Jodi Gallaer

JustShoesforKids Review & Interview with Founder Jodi Gallaer

My eldest received the Igor Aitana Burgundy Rain Boot, which are probably my favorite of the two. I literally gasped when I pulled them out of the box. I’ve never seen rain boots with such a smooth matte finish. The beige bow makes them stand out even more. Beyond function as a rain boot, they would look great as an every day ankle boot.

JustShoesforKids Review & Interview with Founder Jodi Gallaer

Finally the cutest of all the shoes were the Old Soles’ Sassy Silver Snake Leather Mary Jane for my youngest. I mean- look at those cute little feet! I couldn’t help putting her in the shoes while she was wearing her Christmas PJ’s. The shoes have the appropriate comfort for little, growing feet, and a detail that I really appreciate when fitting shoes on babies. The heel of the shoe is stretchy, making it easier to put her foot in place. The real test was when she was walking and running around in them. The fact that she didn’t want to take them off was a plus! These will be perfect for all of our holiday parties coming up!

JustShoesforKids Review & Interview with Founder Jodi Gallaer

Since JustShoesforKids is a new business, I wanted to learn more about the inspiration for the website and some background on the founder Jodi. Keep reading below…


Q&A With Jodi Gallaer:

1)     What inspired 
I love buying shoes (especially those hard-to-find brands that are usually only sold in boutiques). But my sons HATED going into the shoe store. After one final meltdown, I vowed to either find a website that sold the cute shoes I loved or create my own. And you know how the story ended because was born.
2)     Do you have a background in fashion or business? How did you get started?
I used to work as a corporate buyer in New York City. My first day in the office I noticed that they didn’t have anyone slated to work on the Kids team. I volunteered- I figured that since I was the only mom living in the suburbs I was more than qualified, and my manager agreed. Needless to say there was a lot of on-the-job training. I worked with some amazing brands that were kind enough to teach me the ins and outs of children’s footwear.
3)     Where do you find the shoes to sell? What types of shoe can customers find?
Finding new brands is a passion of mine. I attend a lot of trade shows, but I also love to find those brands that aren’t so prevalent in the US. I love quality, so you can find a lot of European-made shoes on our website. But we also have shoes made in Brazil, Canada, and the rest of the world.
4)     Do you have tips for parents who are not sure what size to get and don’t want to go into a store to get their feet measured. 
I will let you in on a little known secret. Each brand fits differently. Actually, each style (even of the same brand) may fit differently. And so even if you measure perfectly that does not guarantee a perfect fit. Measure the best you can, and then my advice is to order a few sizes, and return whatever doesn’t fit. That’s why we have free shipping and free returns. I’ve also had customers call and email me asking for measurements on a particular style. That works too. We are happy to help.
5)     How do you make your boys part of the business?  
My sons were the inspiration for the business. And sometimes I beg them to let me take pictures for the Just_Shoes_for_Kids Instagram account or Facebook. But they are only 7 and 4, so I haven’t put them to work quite yet.
6)     Can you talk a little about the ELIJA Foundation and how it’s been special to your family 
My oldest son was diagnosed with autism at age 2, and that sparked a crazy research binge to see what could help him. Along the way, I was hoodwinked a few times. And then I found ELIJA. They use best practices and researched therapies. I could finally breathe (and sleep) again. I found people that had read the research and used it. And I wanted other kids to have the same opportunity, so we donate $1 per pair of shoes sold to the ELIJA foundation. The foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of services and programs for children with autism. I am hoping that by teaching the teachers other children will have the same opportunity as my son and other moms will be able to breathe again too.


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