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…have a Valentine’s Day style all her own

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Are your Fancy Girls on your list?

When I was little, my mom would always get little gifts for all of us on Valentine’s Day. Nothing major like Christmas, but something we could wear to school that day. I still remember the glitter heart jelly bracelets! I’ve continued that tradition for my girls, and below are some unique ideas for a Valentine’s Day style all their own. There are many more ideas, including crafts, on our Pinterest board.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Little Girls |

1. SweetHearts xoxo necklace & earrings, $69.99 & $119.99, SweetHearts Jewelry | 2. Measure Your Love Cups, $15, Fred Flare | 3. Rainbow hearts personalized lunch box, $36, Rosenberry Rooms | 4. Heart charm bangle bracelet 3-Pack, $7.46, Crazy8 | 5. Girls’ stripe heart long-sleeve tee, $39.50, J. Crew | 6. Heart sunglasses, $9.95, Gap | 7. Heart sweater mittens, $4.99, Crazy8




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