We’re going to SweetSuite12! Thanks ComplicatedMama!

Squeee! Or Woot! Or whatever it is. I’m so excited to meet up (in person) with some members of the AFGM mom team at The Big Toy Book’s 3rd Annual SweetSuite12 on the eve of BlogHer12. And before you get excited that yay you’ll get to meet those fabulous moms behind the A Fancy Girl blog (how did they get so fancy and I wonder what they’re going to wear!), most of us won’t actually BE at BlogHer. But we wouldn’t miss SweetSuite to support our fellow AFGM mom ComplicatedMama and check out all the great toys and products from some of our favorite brands! Most importantly, this is a chance for us to dress up, wear heels, and then stay out until midnight (try and stop us!). This is such a big deal, I even made new business cards. 

This is my first public step back into the blogging world since my days as Mrs. Mo. I can’t wait! Will you be there? 



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