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Week in Review: UV Swimsuits, Hello Kitty Bling, Glitter Quote, DIY Mad Libs

Just in case you missed our Mom Team posts from Facebook, check out our their picks from the week below.

From Central Jersey Working Moms

…not only have fun in the sun, but be protected while doing so. Think this cover up is cute? Check out the entire line from Cabana Life. AND not only can our Fancy Girls be protected with these UV 50+ suits, but Cabana Life has a swimwear line for your Dapper Dude and Mommy too! Hip Hip Hooray for Summer! #uvprotectedswimsuits #afgm For this coverup and other selections:
Cabana Life UV Protected Swimsuits

From The Harried Mom

…must make sure her smartphone has all the bling for its ring!

The site features kits in all different styles, colors and characters to create the ultimate bling for your phone, iPod or even handheld video game system.

Who can resist Hello Kitty!
Hello Kitty Smartphone Bling

From A Bubbly Life

…get 3 healthy meals in a day via
Eat glitter for breakfast, lunch & tea

From Cake It Up, LLC

…Create Her Own #Summer Mad Libs… Take pics all around your home and summer travels creating your own captions and mad libs… Chirps…xo Birdie
DIY Mad Libs


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