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Week in Review: Name Bubbles, Levi’s Denim, Sing Her Heart Out

Just in case you missed our Mom Team posts from Facebook, check out our their picks from the week below.

From Central Jersey Working Moms

…must be prepared for Back to School with these adorable and very useful labels. Created by Name Bubbles, these labels are easy to attach and stay attached all year long. There are so many labels to choose from, this can be a great help to all our Fancy Moms!
Name Bubbles personalized labels

From The Harried Mom

…make sure she is inVESTed in ‪#‎backtoschool‬ fashion trends.

One of the hottest trends this back to school season is the denim vest like this one from Levi’s – available at Macy’s for $21.99. It’s a smart pick because vests layer well over tank tops, T-shirts, and even some dresses, extending a Fancy Girl’s summer wardrobe well into the fall. It’s also a classic look, because when has denim ever really gone out of style.

Back to School Fashion: Levi's Denim Vest

From A Bubbly Life

… sing her heart out! via pin-
Sing her heart out


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