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Week in Review: Door Muffs, Minnie Mouse Giveaway, Lighthouse Craft

Just in case you missed our Mom Team posts from Facebook, check out our their picks from the week below.

From Central Jersey Working Mom

….not be disturbed while she sleeps. Here is great way to give your sleeping beauty uninterrupted sleep while still being able to check on her. To find out more about this and other Door Muffs, visit Etsy.
Etsy Door Muff

From The Harried Mom

…remember that friendships can last forever.

Disney Books new chapter book series “Minnie & Daisy BFF” teaches the importance of friendship, support and responsibility, all important attributes and skills for any girl. You can read a review of the first two books in the series “Much Ado About Juliet” and “The Pesky Pet” as well as enter a giveaway to win a prize pack including both books and the new “Minnie & Daisy BFF” magazine from The Harried Mom:

"Minnie & Daisy BFF" Giveaway on The Harried Mom

From Cake It Up, LLC

…be a beacon of light and create her own lighthouse! Use Red, White, & Blue paint a recycled clay pot or 2 and a Happy Memorial Day to You! Chirps…xo Birdie
Red, White & Blue Lighthouse Craft Project


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  • Lee

    Have made them in the past …Some I glued sea shells all over the out side.