…wear hair ties that won’t pull out her fancy tresses

When I think technology and innovation, hair products don’t normally come to mind. But everyone knows Scunci, and their hair products are definitely in the smarty pants catagory. Enter the Spiral Ponytailers. These hair ties are so brilliant that my younger self is pouting with a big “no fair” since they weren’t around in my youth of bad hair days and spiral perms. You know what I’m talking about right? You go to pull out your daughter’s (Or your own) elastic hair tie and just as you almost get it out, you hit a snag and instead of calmly pulling your hair out of the band, you just rip it in annoyance. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a used hair tie without strands of hair attached. But not with these Spiral Ponytailers! They’re colorful, easy to pull out and work well with all hair types. I even wear them! I can’t take any credit for finding these though. My mom stocked up on supplies for my girls on a recent vacation. You can get them at most stores that carry the brand: Thanks Mom and thanks Scunci.


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