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Wardrobe Wednesday: Back to School, Lands’ End Style

There are only a handful of brands that I can think of from my youth. One of those is Lands’ End. They are definitely one of those generation companies where your first purchase (and not a gift from Nana) is like a rite of passage. Like a passing of the torch (you like my Olympics reference?). If I had to pick 3 words to describe the American made company, it would be: classic, quality, and colorful. But what really prompted this post, were all of the pictures from BlogHer!! I saw post after post from the Lands’ End Back to School event hosted by MomTrends and immediately felt a pang of envy for my digital mom friends (I’m not kidding either. I literally Grrrrrr’d when I saw the pictures blowin’ up my Instagram feed). So, as the eager beaver I am, I hopped on the computer to introduce A Fancy Girl Must… to Lands’ End, and within minutes I had my Wardrobe Wednesday post: Back to School, Lands’ End Style.

I love everything about this fall collection. The elements are colorful, on trend, feminine & confident, and have great mix and match capability. And, when you go online to shop for these must have items, there’s a landing page that gives you assembled looks to shop from (if you would rather be given an complete outfit rather than piece it together). The following are the top 5 styles for girls this fall + my favorite pick of their pre-assembled looks (click on the image for product info):

  1. Colored bottoms
  2. Space Dye
  3. Ruffles and Pintucks
  4. Dresses and Leggings
  5. Cardigan
  6. My favorite of the pre-assembled looks




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