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Trendspotting: Unicorn Magic

Trendspotting: Unicorn Magic

No matter how old you are, life feels a little better and brighter with the presence of unicorns. These sparkly-horned  mystical creatures have found their way into everything from make-up and headwear to cakes and hot chocolate. Social media is certainly helping to provide endless inspiration for anyone needing a little magic fix for the day. In fact, this blog post has literally been in my head for months! It started with my blog post featuring unicorn horns from Brooklyn Owl.

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And then, this post about unicorn macarons blew up on our Facebook page. A few weeks later, I discovered a new blogger who posted this UNREAL photo of unicorn hot chocolate.

And then a few days later, I picked up THIS unicorn cookie for Evelyn from the local winter farmers’ market. (Follow @sweetsbylovey for more yummy goodness)

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Unicorns were following me everywhere until I sat down to finally write about them. If your Fancy Girl lights up in the presence of unicorn anything, then she’ll need some of the items below. And feel free to pick up a little something for yourself. A little unicorn magic can go a long way. (Note: This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for shopping!)
Trendspotting: Unicorn Magic

Row 1: Girls’ glitter unicorn T-shirt, Kawaii Magical Unicorn Button Set, Space Unicorn Leggings
Row 2: ‘Whatever’ Unicorn Accessory Bag, Mini Rodini Unicorn Star Woven Dress
Row 3: Unicorn and Rainbows Knee High Socks, Uni Unicorn Ambient Light, Sparkle unicorn smock top
Row 4: ‘The Original Retro’ Brand Kids Always Be A Unicorn Shirt, Unicorn Emoji Power Bank, Ceramic Unicorn Ring Holder,
Row 5: Unicorn Vans, Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl


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