Trendspotting: Neon, Totally

Of all the fashion trends from the past few decades to cycle back again, neon is by far my favorite. I grew up in the 80s–need I say more?

Neon really is the new neutral. You can pair it with whites and khakis, or you can pair it with animal print and florals. And it’s such a bright, happy hue that there’s no reason not to embrace it! Below are some of our picks for spring. I don’t know about you, but I want that Alex Toys satchel!

Trendspotting: Neon, Totally |

1. Neon Splattered Cheer Bow, $6.99, Etsy | 2. Pinky Neon Striped Dress, $18, JC Penney | 3. Glitter heart ballet flats, $22.99, Gap | 4. Alex Toys Classic Neon Satchel, $86, Saks Fifth Avenue | 5. Zipper Bracelet, $4.50, Claire’s | 6. Pinky Belted Stretch Lace Top, $12, JC Penney | 7. Electric Neon Mini Polish Set, $10, Claire’s | 8. Neon Classic Pinwheel Boutique Hair Bows, $10, Etsy

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