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Trendspotting: Light as a feather

Feather Print Trend for Summer

Printed kimono wraps are definitely having a moment in our house right now. I have a few and just recently picked up this feather print one for my eldest Fancy Girl at Target. My daughter is a boho chic kind of kid and loves her swingy cardigans, which made the Target top the perfect blend of her fashion personality.

This photo was taken on the first morning (of many) that my daughter wore her new cardigan to school. We were standing at the bus stop and the way the morning sun caught her provided the perfect natural filter for a photo. Not long after I posted it to Instagram did the designer of the kimono wrap comment on my picture! That got me thinking about what inspired the use of feathers and the rest of the collection (which you can see on her Instagram page). Feathers are most synonymous with Native American history, but their symbolism in dreams is probably best aligned with fashion, especially for kids. In dreams, feathers represent travel or the ability to move freely through life. They indicate innocence or a fresh start. That’s definitely the vibe I get from the Target kimono cardigan as well as the other feather print pieces below. Happy shopping!

Feather Print Trend for Summer
*This list contains affiliate links. Thanks for shopping.
1. WonderKids Infant & Toddler Girl’s Tiered Tank Top & Shorts, Kmart | 2. GB Girls Big Girls 7-16 Feather-Print Fringe Bandeau Top and Loopside Bottoms Swimsuit Set, Dillard’s | 3. Girls 7-16 Never Stop Dreaming Feather Graphic High-Low Top, | 4. Feather Print Romper, CWD Kids | 5. Hairband with Feathers, H&M | 6. Flowers by Zoe Girls’ Feather Mini Pompom Short, Amazon | 7. ‘Parfait’ Feather Print Dress, Nordstrom | 8. Stella Cove Feather Print One-Piece Swimsuit, Nordstrom | 9. TLC Feather Print Ruffle-Hem Tunic, Oshkosh


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