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Trendspotting: Ballet-Inspired Fashion for Girls + Linge Shoes Review

My house is completely absorbed in the dancing world. My 2 girls live and breath dance and they have re-ingnited the passion in me (I used to dance but gave it up around 5th grade). I have traded the treadmill and boring cardio routines for ballet-inspired dance and strength workouts. I even have the dance socks to make it authentic. But enough about moi…this is a girls’ fashion site after all. The ballet inspired trend is not just reserved for the fitness world and extracurricular activities. It made its way into the children’s fall 2014 runways and lookbooks from designer brands like Monnalisa and Baby Dior. Most little girls love to twirl and wear tutu skirts, so it only makes sense to make that part of their regular wardrobe. Something I never considered, though, were ballet shoes as a wardrobe staple. But that all changed when I received a pair of nude ballet slippers from Linge Shoes for my 9 month old.

I’m normally not a big shoe person for babies. I stick to socks and footed onesies. But the Linge ballet slippers are light and easy to slip on, and the leather bottoms provide some structure while she learns to stand and “walk.” They’re not just for babies and kids either; Linge Shoes come in women’s sizes too. In fact, the company originated as the must-have ballet flat for women, for everything from running to dance practice to running errands with the kids. The other bonus is that the shoes for kids come in a variety of colors like fuchsia, purple, red and turquoise. And ladies–there are even MORE colors in our sizes. As for sizing, it’s a good idea to measure your child’s foot before you order and match against their size guide. I received slippers in size 3-6 months for my 9 month old since her feet fell right in the inch measurement for that size.  If you like the barefoot feeling of your shoes, or want something other than pink, white or black, for your dance attire, then definitely give Linge Shoes a look. They are having a 20% off sale RIGHT NOW so you can start your collection today! Linge Ballet Shoes for Kids & Babies |

In the spirit of the daily wearability of Linge Shoes, I put together some other ballet inspired pieces for your Fancy Girl’s wardrobe. Product info is below.

Trendspotting: Ballet-Inspired Fashion for Girls |

1. Un Deux Tois Ballerina Dress, $69.70, Bloomingdales
2. Babies/Kids Linge Shoes, $39
3. Popatu Ruffle & Lace Bodysuit, $29, Nordstrom
4. Lil Boot Warmers, $18, Etsy
5. Mirella Black Sequin Bow Skirt, $20.50, AlexandAlex
6. Bloch Lavender Wrap Bolero, $20.50, AlexandAlexa
7. Baby Ballet Sweater Dress, $44.95, Gap


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  • hchybinski

    My boys just asked me the other day if I had ever been a ballet dancer. . .sadly my answer was no.

  • Jessica @eatsleepbe

    Those leg warmers are super cute!