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The Fancy Girl Promise: 10 Rules to Live By

There have been a lot of transitions in our house since Fancy Girl started a few years ago. The inspiration for the blog was from the unique and [mostly] well-coordinated outfits my eldest was putting together for herself. At the time, she was a total Fancy Nancy wannabe and had dressed the part for Halloween. She only wanted to wear pinks and purples, and very rarely wanted to wear pants. My younger daughter was pretty much a sponge for Big Sis, and I could dress them in similar clothes fairly easily. After capturing these fashion moments for Intagram or Facebook, it occurred to me that there were probably many other parents of fancy 4 year olds doing the same thing. I was compelled to blog about the world of the fancy little girl from the perspective of someone writing a rule book or style guide for the future fashionistas. What would a Fancy Girl wear for Show and Tell at school? What would a Fancy Girl take with her to run errands? From there “A Fancy Girl Must…” was born.

While the premise of Fancy Girl was started to celebrate the adorable fashion and accessories that our Fancy little girls lived for, I didn’t want to forget about ways to foster that beauty on the inside. In essence, being Fancy is truly a frame of mind, from having good manners and a good heart, to enjoying glitzy clothes and shoes. It’s a little over 2 years later and my eldest Fancy Girl is in that transition away from pinks and purples; her favorite color is blue and she loves her studded rock star ballet flats. My middle Fancy Girl is 100% girlie, but this Halloween she showed me her super hero side (which I LOVE) when she dressed up as a pink Bat Girl. And I have a 3rd daughter who is not even a year yet, but will certainly pick up elements of her 2 big sisters. Even though my daughters’ external Fancyness might be going through a change, what’s important to me is that their Fancyness on the inside remains the same. And so, I have put together a few promises for my girls to live by, wherever their style evolution takes them.

The Fancy Girl Promise: 10 Rules to Live By |

A Fancy Girl Must…

1. Have a grateful heart and be thankful for the blessings in her life;

2. Have a giving heart and take advantage of opportunities to give to others both in her community and around the world;

3. Be proud of herself and never let anyone make her feel differently;

4. Celebrate her talents, whether they’re on the playing field, the classroom or lab, the stage, or the studio;

5. Always say Please and Thank You;

6. Chase her dreams with hard work and determination;

7. Never let go of her curiosity;

8. Treat others with kindness;

9. Learn from her mistakes;

10. Reject the idea that ditzy and dumb is cute. Smart is beautiful….and fancy.


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  • Jeanine

    Having a fancy daughter myself, I appreciate this list. #1 resonates with me and having a kind and appreciative daughter means the world!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      Thanks so much Jeanine. We try and talk about what they’re thankful for every night at dinner. I hope these little nuggets of time we spend doing that will stay with them.

  • elizabethnorton

    Amen to all of the above. Good for us career women to remember too!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      So true Elizabeth! The lessons we teach our kids are always good reminders for our own behaviors.

  • Lauryn

    Super cute! I LOVE all of these rules!