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Review + #Giveaway: CHARMIT! Necklace

I had a charm necklace when I was little that is still a vivid memory. If you grew up in the 80s, you would know it too: oversized, plastic charms in any shape you can think of dangling from a bright and colorful chain link necklace. While you really don’t see necklaces like that anymore, there is a modern version that is just as colorful and just as super-duper fun for your kids. It’s CHARMIT!

Review + #Giveaway: CharmIt! Charm Necklaces

CHARMIT! by High IntenCity Corp. debuted in 2000 as the “original, detachable charm jewelry line for girls 5, 14 and everything in between.” As their mission states: “design is key, love is in the details, quality is priority and safety is our commitment.” CHARMIT! is sold worldwide and sold exclusively at independent speciality retailers & premium department stores. Lucky for my girls, they got to pick out their own custom necklaces as a review for Fancy Girl (they love having “jobs” for the blog).

What’s fun about CHARMIT! is that you can treat the jewelry like a collection of memories and interests. Get your girls a “starter kit,” and then with each holiday or birthday they can add more to the collection. You can never have too many charms. The assortment of charms can be pretty overwhelming when you first visit the site, but if you have set amount of charms in mind (in our case it was 5), then you can scroll through each charm category, write down the ones you want, and then go back through the list and narrow down to your Top 5. My girls are big into Hello Kitty and princess-related things, so it was pretty easy to select charms. And I love initials and monograms, so the letter charm was my pick. But there’s waaaaay more than that: animals, birthday, Disney, fashion, food, hobbies, sports, peace & Earth, and more. And as you can see, there is so much detail and vibrant color in each charm that they easily become a conversation piece among friends.

Review + #Giveaway: CharmIt! Charm Necklaces

If you’re looking to get a necklace for your daughter or as a gift, but you’re not quite sure where to start, CHARMIT! also has pre-made gift sets designed for different interests and personalities. There is “Glam Girl,” “Princess Fairy Tale,” and “Surfer Girl” just to name a few.

Review + #Giveaway: CharmIt! Charm Necklaces

Our charms and necklaces arrived in a sturdy and colorful striped box with a plastic window showing the charming creation. The boxes are sold separately on the site for $3, unless a gift set is purchased. It definitely makes for a convenient “home” for the charms.

Review + #Giveaway: CharmIt! Charm Necklaces

The charms arrive individually and have a hook that is easy for little hands to open and attach to the necklace. A CHARMIT! necklace or bracelet can easily become an illustration of your daughter’s personality.

Review + #Giveaway: CharmIt! Charm Necklaces

If you’re reading this thinking that the little Fancy Girl in your life would ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHARMIT!, you’re in luck! We’re giving away a 5-piece custom CHARMIT! necklace or bracelet! Just follow the steps below. Easy peasy. You must be residents of the 48 contiguous US states in order to enter. Entires due by May 7 at 12:00 AM EST. Skip down below the giveaway for details on a design contest where one of your own designs can become a CHARMIT! charm!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Put your creativity to use and enter CHARMIT!’s design contest where your design could become a new charm in the collection. Click below for details.
CHARMIT! Design-a-Charm Contest


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  • dramaqueensmum

    My daughter has been wanting the gumball machine.

  • Rocio Chavez

    The princess fairy tale would be perfect for my niece 😉

  • Jeanna johnson

    My daughter would like both Ariel and Hello Kitty!

  • savanah rae

    My neice is obsessed with disney princess characters. This would be perfect for her birthday.

  • I would so be getting the peace symbol for myself. It would look cute on my own charm bracelet!