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Real Mom Reviews: Lemon Loves Lime + Gnu Brand Boy

We have a special Fancy Girl + Dapper Dude review to share with you thanks to Lemon Loves Lime. It’s a sister act: My sister (a mom to 3 year old boy and almost 4 month old girl) and I (mom to 3 girls) received outfits in exchange for a review. Our opinions are our own and authentic.

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Lemon Loves Lime
It’s finally May! Here on the East Coast, we’ve been waiting for the day to come when the threat of snow was no longer possible. The Polar Vortex really toyed with our emotions and our plans this year, especially when it snowed in April! Now we’re finally in the home stretch and soon it’ll be sundresses and sandals weather. Summer also means group beach photos for some families, and that’s exactly what came to mind when my girls received their outfits from Lemon Loves Lime.

Real Mom Review: Lemon Loves Lime

I couldn’t wait to open the white box with crocheted lemon & lime bow on top. I know the brand is a celebrity Fancy Girl favorite, so I was eager to see what my FGs would be wearing.

The first thing I pulled out was an absolutely precious white layette from the Lemon Loves Layette line for my newest addition, who is only 4 months old. I saw ruffles and felt the incredibly soft cotton and couldn’t wait to see her in it! It was easy to slide her into as well: feet first and then just pull the rest up. Easy peasy (because we all know that some brands involve too many snaps and way too small buttons).

Real Mom Review: Lemon Loves Lime

My older girls received white sleeveless dresses from the Magical Sea Collection, with colorful embroidered sea creatures on the front and layers of ruffles at the bottom. Normally, I don’t choose white for my kids. I just don’t want to take a chance that they’ll get a food or grass stain on it. However, if you have an event or activity that a white dress would be perfect for–like a beach photo op for instance–then I’d rather have my perfect picture than worry about needing OxyClean later. So, I grabbed my oversized striped beach towel and had the girls assemble like they did for the ceremonial first sisters picture that was used as my personal Facebook cover. They’re always happy to model clothing for the blog, especially if it involves sandwiching baby sis between them (do you think I took enough pictures? I’m not quite sure). A side note about the washable quality: Lemon Loves Lime definitely have the hand-me-down seal of approval. The bold colors and soft feel of the fabric hold up after a few washes. The girls just love how the fabric feels on them too, especially when it comes to dancing and twirling. Because they love doing that too.

Real Mom Review: Lemon Loves Lime

If you take a look at the rest of the summer collection, you’ll see that Lemon Loves Lime designs with kids in mind. From the candy colors, to the twirly skirts and abundant ruffles, to the kid-favorite graphics of ice cream, pirates, flip flops, mermaids, and fish, these clothes will make your girls want to swirl, twirl, hop and dance…kind of like what my girls did.

Real Mom Review: Lemon Loves Lime


Gnu Brand by Lemon Loves Lime, review by Steff:

Put a truck on it!

Real Mom Review: Gnu Brand Boy by Lemon Loves Lime

That’s the way to my little Jackson’s heart! Just put a truck on it! Clearly he fell in LOVE with this Gnu Brand outfit from Lemon Loves Lime the minute I took it out of the oh-so-adorable package. And I couldn’t agree more when I discovered the detail and quality. The cotton is thick and soft and holds up well when washed (which is good since Mr. J wants to wear the “truck shirt” almost every day.) The collection offers outfits with other cool appliqués such as bicycles, animals, pirates…all buzzwords for my 3 year old! The matching bright shorts are made from the same soft cotton and have an easy elastic waste, perfect for my independent little guy. Now if only I could find some truck shaped broccoli we would be in business…

About Lemon Loves Lime:
LEMON LOVES LIME was created and inspired by a mother-daughter connection and has grown into a cherished collection made up of wearable memories. Their designs are sold in 600 boutique stores throughout the United States and most recently in London. Their one-of-a-kind infant line, “Lemon Loves Layette,” is manufactured in Peru from the softest Luxurious Pima Cotton and is full of rich ruffles and frills. The company has been featured in many magazines for their innovation and clothing quality that they have designed, manufactured and sold since 2007. Lemon Loves Lime is available for babies, 3 months to 2 years, and girls aged 3 to 10. Gnu Brand is available for boys 3 months to 8 years. Visit Lemon Loves Lime and Gnu Brand Boy for retailer locations and wholesale information.


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  • I love Lemon Loves Lime! We had the cutest outfit last year. I wish my daughter hadn’t grown out of it!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      I just love how sweet and adorable the clothes are. I really loved the fairy dress that Halle Berry’s daughter had. Need to find something like it! My girls would dress that way every day!