Real Fancy Girl Reviews: Hug a Bib by A Bubbly Life

The Hug A Bib and Clippy Cloth are a great gift for a new Mom because these absorbent bibs and cloths do NOT move once they are on.

The bib comes with a strap to put around the baby’s midsection. It holds the bib perfectly in place. My girl is not much of a squirmer and I do not use the midsection often- but I do always use the Hug A Bib when she is in any kind of fancy girl outfit that I do not want any chance of being ruined.  The midsection piece is great piece of mind compared to other bibs that move around while she is eating.

My absolutely favorite part of Hug A Bib is the front velcro closure.  My fancy girl has long hair and I have stopped using any bib with a back closure.  No matter how careful I am,  I always pulled her hair or her hair got stuck in the velcro.

Also- the saying on the bib “I was worth the weight ” – adorable!

The bib and clippy cloth  were originally designed for a reflux baby in mind and I wish I had this when Kalia was  a very mini baby, her reflux cleared up when she was about 5 months, but before that it was constant clean up even when we were able to get it under control.  The Hug A Bib and clippy cloth are absorbent, large, soft and thick and would have been a great solution at the time for me.

Hug A Bib Website

We received Hug A Bib to review.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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