Real Fancy Girl Review: Valentina “Molli Denim” Espadrilles

They say the apples do not fall far from the tree and this certainly rings true when it comes to my daughter and I – and our passion for shoes.  Take a peak into our closets and you will quickly see, we know shoes. Lucky for us, we live in a region of the states that hosts all four seasons so our shoe collections are vast and varied to the weather outside.  While we have our staples for work and school, we have so many fun shoes to choose from regardless of what Mother Nature (who I hear also loves shoes) has in store for us.

Valentina Shoes for Girls

And of all the shoes I own, I must share with you that my daughter has come across a pair that I may just need to find a match to.  These beauties are the adorable “Molli Denim” espadrilles from Valentina ($44), a shoe company just for girls. They are perfect with almost every outfit my daughter has put together and they are comfortable. The canvas espadrilles custom dyed in denim with an embroidered heart are so comfortable that my daughter often forgets to take them off.

Real Fancy Girl Reviews: Valentina "Molli Denim" Espadrilles

Best of all, the colors really transcend all seasons.  Paired with a sundress, my daughter is ready for warm weather fun.  Paired with her tartan plaid holiday dress, she is ready to dance the night away – and at the tender age of eight years old, she has plenty of energy for it.  And last but not least, even cuddling with a winter book, her Molli Denims are perfect.

Valentina offers a colorful array of options in boots, ballet flats, sandals and of course espadrilles. As an extension of their be-hue-tiful world, their style blog “Kaleidoscope” is full of “fun stuff” to draw inspiration from. You can shop online or buy locally at boutiques across the country. 

Disclaimer: AFGM received the Valentina shoes to review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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  • My daughter does not have my love for shoes yet, but does for purses.  I love the hearts on these!

     I am obsessed with shoes and certain I will be the lil old lady that will have to retire in a shoe because I buy too many!