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Real Fancy Girl Fashion: Tutu Prep

I had a lot of extra time on my hands today because of Hurricane Sandy. My day job (in PR) really wasn’t effective either since all the media are focused on the storm. We were lucky to have power throughout the day so I took the opportunity to start my first “Real Fancy Girl” fashion post! This one is inspired by my own Fancy Girl (lil’ sis) who picked out the skirt herself and needed something long-sleeved because of the crisp pre-storm air. The shirt is Ralph Lauren Polo but I got it at a consignment shop for less than $10! I encourage you to send in your own pictures for us to take inspiration from. Just email us info [at] afancygirlmust [dot] com or post to our Facebook fan page. 

Real Fancy Girl Fashion: Tutu Prep

Top Left:

  1. Printed Rib-Knit Ruched Henleys for Baby, $7.94, Old Navy
  2. Ballet Princess Fairy Ballerina Dress-Up Tutu, $7.99,
  3. Kids’ Hover Leather Boat Shoe, $44.99,
Bottom Right:
  1. Striped Rugby Shirt, $39.99, Ralph Lauren 
  2. Circo BG Tutu Skirt, $12.99, Target
  3. Girls’ Keeley Iridescent Flat, $29.99,


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