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Reader Request: Sibling Bar Mitzvah Outfit for Sarah

We had another request request from Sarah who is looking for a coordinating outfit for her 2 1/2 year old daughter and 4 1/2 year old son to wear to a nightclub theme bar mitzvah. My first thought was neon, but then she told mer her son’s favorite color is orange and I knew that would be my starting point. For her son, a bright orange tie was a must! And with a color that bold, the rest of the outfit should be neutral. I opted for khaki shorts and a white oxford with rolled up sleeves since it’s a summer event. For her daughter, I just loved the lace overlay dress (very trendy for spring). For her sandals, there were a lot of cute thong styles but I know they’re not always the most comfortable for kids (mine included). I opted for a safer fit that was still stylish. I was able to come in just under budget for her daughter, but I went slightly over for her son. But as you can see, all of the pieces are reasonably priced. Details are below. Sarah, I hope you like it!

Reader Request: Bar Mitzvah Outfit  |

Left: Button front oxford shirt, $11.99, OshKosh; Boys Plain-Front Uniform Shorts, $12.94, OldNavy; Orange Peel Boys Clip-on Tie, $9.95,; Boys’ Tyson Boat Shoe, $19.99, Payless

Right: 2-pack headband, $5, Carter’s; Rare Editions 2T-6X Lace Dress, $29.99, Dillard’s; Girls’ Toddler Crisscross Sandal, $14.99, Payless


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  • Sarah Hughes

    LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      I’m so glad!! It was fun putting it together.