Oo la la! Valentine’s Day Language Lessons

Fancy Girls must know a few fancy words, especially on Valentine’s Day. If your FG’s are inspired by Fancy Nancy, they will be happy to know that in a recent poll by Rosetta Stone (click the infographic below for results), French ranked #1 as the most romantic language. So instead of saying “I Love You,” say “Je t’aime,” and for “Thinking Of You,” say “Je pense à toi.”

Rosetta Stone Love Languages

Below are just a few love words that your Fancy Girl can learn to spread the love in any language.

I love you

French: Je t’aime
Spanish: Te amo
Italian: Ti amo
Portuguese: Eu te amo

Thinking of you

French: Je pense à toi
Spanish: Pienso en ti
Italian: Ti penso sempre
Portuguese: Pensando em você

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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