Mini Rodini S/S 2014: A NEW Kind of Animal Print

I absolutely adore the Mini Rodini animal print motif from their spring/summer 2014 collection.

Mini Rodini S/S 2014

Image via Mini Rodini on Facebook

With images of animals like jaguars, giraffes, toucans, and penguins covering tops, dresses, bottoms, and more, this is literally a new kind of animal print. This is a fun collection that plays off a child’s natural enthusiasm for creatures big and small. Below are just a few of our favorites for girls. Shop the looks at or one of the many boutiques around the world.

Mini Rodini S/S 2014 Collection |

Top Row: Giraffe Wing Tee, $47; Penguin Leggings, $35; Lizzard Dress, $67

Middle Row: Zebra Dress, $103; Giraffe Skirt, $47; Tucan Summersuit, $75

Bottom Row: Giraffe Summersuit, $75; Cheetah Embroidery Patch, $11; Giraffe Swimsuit, $33


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