…mind her manners–at the table and in life.

I found this quote during my weekly Sunday night hunt for a Monday Mantra quote and I absolutely loved its simple message. When you’re trying to teach manners to your kids, it’s hard for them to conceptualize the word etiquette unless you put it in simple terms, like the quote. Another way to teach manners is to enroll your Fancy Girl in etiquette classes. Whether you’re looking for Emily Post style courses or a fun party idea, etiquette classes for kids are sprouting in popularity all over the country. Here are just a sprinkling to check out:

Multiple Locations: The Etiquette Factory

Multiple Locations (FL, TX, NV): Academy of Etiquette & Protocol

Arizona: Carol Bory Etiquette Consulting

CaliforniaBeverly Hills Manners

CaliforniaM. Shannon Consulting 

FloridaChildren’s Etiquette School of Florida

FloridaEtiquette with Miss Janice

Illinois: Etiquette School of Chicago

KentuckyThe Etiquette and Protocol School of Lexington

MarylandEtiquette School of Maryland

New Jersey: New School of Etiquette

New Jersey: Manners Matter

New Jersey: The Barclay Classes

NYC: The Etiquette School of New York

NYC: SocialSklz

OhioMagnificent Manners

OklahomaThe Etiquette School of Oklahoma

PennsylvaniaThe Etiquette School of Central Pennsylvania 

PennsylvaniaEtiquette School of Grace

South Carolina: The Etiquette School of the Carolinas

Virginia: Etiquette Made Easy 



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