…love her Earth

During Earth Month, encourage your Fancy Girl to think about the ways that she can “go green” and help her Earth stay healthy. Green may not be her favorite fancy color, but it’s a visual reminder of the beautiful and natural resources we have around us.

A few easy ways that she can “go green” are (Updated April, 2014):

  • Walk, carpool, or take the bus to school.
  • Carry a Crocodile Creek reusable lunch bag with reusable Lunch Skins to hold her sandwich and sides.
  • Turn off the water while she brushes and turn off the lights when she leaves a room.
  • Start her own organic garden with a My First Organics kit.
  • Hand wash dishes and protect her hands with a pair of these stylish pink & dot dish gloves from Elizabeth’s Embellishments.
  • Give her a job as Recycling Queen and make sure the family is collecting, sorting, and disposing correctly.
  • Pick up Fancy Nancy: Every Day is Earth Day by Jane O’Connor and learn how to go green in style. For the older Fancy Girls (grades 7 and up), grab a copy of Girls Gone Green by Lynn Hirshfield full of tips on living green.  For kids aged 9 and up, pick up 365 Ways to Live Green for Kids by Sheri Amsel.
  • Print out the poster below and give her a visual reminder that Earth Day is Every Day and Earth Month is Every Month.

She can be Fancy by being a friend to the Earth. 

Poster via Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl


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