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Living in a Girl’s World: Sis Boom Review and Giveaway (DIY Thursday)!

I can remember playing with my grandmother’s antique toy Singer sewing machine, one that clamped to the table and had to be turned by hand to make the needle move. I was probably 7 or 8 years old and I can remember attempting to make dresses for my Barbies even though the seam would pull apart as soon as I put it on the doll.

I was never great at sewing, but I always enjoyed it. I’d make scrunchies for friends (yes I grew up in the 90s), skirts without patterns, and most recently I’ve made a lot of square floor pillows as gifts for my friends’ kids. When it comes to making any kind of room decor, I always look for fun, girly fabrics with rich colors like magenta, periwinkle, coral and aqua. I even started a Pinterest board dedicated to Fancy Fabrics and Sis Boom is one of them!

Sis Boom is a line of vintage inspired fabrics and products by Jennifer Paganelli. Put simply, her vivid colors and whimsical girly patterns make me smile (see dancing girl in the photo above). I love her designs so much that I made her our featured Facebook cover photo for June (with her permission of course). Her products and fabrics are fancy and fun and are definitely a Fancy Girl Must…

Jennifer is also a published author with her first book, Happy Home, featuring 21 home decor projects. Her newest book of sewing patterns is called Girl’s World and includes 21 sewing projects for little girls. Perfect for A Fancy Girl! What I like about the book is that she offers a range of projects at varying difficulty levels. Even though I’m still at a novice sewing level, I’m not intimidated by her projects, and her fabrics make me want to try and make something for my Fancy Girls!

Each project comes with a pattern (neatly assembled in a folder at the front of the book-see above) and detailed instructions with easy to follow pictures. I appreciate the little details too like the way she calls the list of materials “From the Sewing Basket,” just like one my mother had (and I played with).

Accessories and Home Decor Projects in Girl's World

Girl’s World doesn’t just having clothing projects; Jennifer also includes room decor and accessories like a flower covered lamp and an overnight bag for your doll (shown above).

Giveaway Details

Jennifer captures the whimsy and creative imagination of little girls in the prints and colors of her fabrics. I loved her designs so much that I wanted to share the Girl’s World opportunity with someone else! One lucky winner will receive a copy of Jennifer’s book. All you need to do is take a look at Sis Boom’s fabrics and tell us your favorite below! For additional entries, you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Pinterest. Just let us know below when you do (or already are). The contest will end on Friday, July 5th and we’ll announce a winner on Monday, the 9th.



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  • Jennifer

    So grateful for this amazing review and giveaway..Feels so good to be hosted by A Fancy Girl Must!!!

  • Starshine9

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE loopy vintage floral!! Please bring it back! I follow you on Facebook too x

  • Masteringmommybrain

    love girls world vibe! Beautiful!!!

  • Linda

    My favorite is “Queen Street” because I just love those paisleys!  And the colors…yummy!

  • Nicole

    I love Queenstreet Madeline in Fushia and Victoria in Blue, those have to be my two favourites, if I had to choose one I suppose I’d go for the Victoria as it’s so versatile and pretty. I have also liked you on Facebook.

  • Garilyn

    I like Girl’s World Vibe in Sky, though I really, really like the discountinued Dance with Me in Red.

  • Garilyn

    Follow on twitter @blessedmama4:twitter 

  • Garilyn

    like on facebook

  • Garilyn

    follow on Pinterest

  • Thecraftingfiend

    love the west indies line 

  • Thecraftingfiend

    now follow you on pinterest

  • Sonya Mullis

    I love Honey Child and Crazy Love fabrics the most!

  • Sonya Mullis

    I like you on Facebook.

  • Sonya Mullis

    I follow you on Twitter.

  • Fenna Bredenhof

    I like the poodle in fuschia! Although there are soo many pretty colors it is hard to pick 🙂

  • I love the Super Fly collection, especially the bright zebra stripes!

  • I follow you on Twitter (@SewUndomestic)

  • I like you on facebook

  • New follower on Pinterest (Lauren J)

  • Cheryl

    My favorite is the Girls World Sky.

  • hudsonsinaf

    New follower on interest! 

  • Sara Gallegos

    SuperFly! All of it!!

  • hudsonsinaf

    I LOVE the West Indies line and will be making a quilt out of it <3

  • hudsonsinaf

    New follower on Facebook 🙂

  • Fuschia Flower Power! 

  • Wrbirky

    Super Fly – pink zebra, can’t wait to get some and make a cute little dress too!

  • Erin Osborn

    I absolutely love Honey Child!!!

  • Laura Hojnacke

    I’m loving the Super Fly zebra prints.  Pink preferably.

  • I love Chandler in Moss from the West Indies line. I made the Lucy dress out of that fabric and love it so much! 

  •  I am following you on Twitter

  • I liked you on Facebook

  • I’m following your Pinterest boards. 

  • Honey Child is my favourite collection – particularly like the Rosetta prints – lovely!

  • Following you on Pinterest.

  • Following you on Twitter.

  • Liked you on Facebook.

  • Bmurphyart

    I love the Honey Child line! Great design and color combos. I shared you with Facebook and pinned you too!

  • Lauren James

    I love the pink Jane in the Super fly collection

  • Lauren James

    Already follow you on Twitter (@SewUndomestic)

  • Lauren James

    Already follow you on pinterest (Lauren J)

  • Lauren James

    Already a fan on facebook 🙂

  • Ok, this was like trying to pick one’s favorite Cholocate!  I’m going with So St Croix

  • So St Croix would be my fav, as difficult as it was to choice one!

  • I’ve got you covered, on Pinterest that is!

  • See you on Facebook now!

  • Kathy Crotts

    I love ’em all… Super Fly seems to be the one that catches my eye though… love it.

  • Sonya Mullis

    Honey Child is my favorite. Love it!

  • Sonya Mullis

    I follow on Twitter.

  • Sonya Mullis

    I like on Facebook.

  • Sonya Mullis

    I follow on Pinterest.

  • DAndra Derr

    Hello, I love the Honey Child line. I followed you on Facebook and on Pinterest. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I have to chose just ONE??? oh dear…..I think I’m going to go with Flower Power, but I LOVE them all! What a great giveaway!

  • Barb in MI

    I really love the colors of Crazy Love – Priscilla in purple/ magenta. Wow, what a color burst, beautiful!

  • buyntime2

    Love the west indies!  They are all delicious 🙂

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