JanSport is our Jam for the 2016-2017 School Year

Jansport Backpacks Fall 2016

A few years ago when my eldest was going into 1st grade, she (and I) thought she would like a messenger bag for school. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ll just say that when she was starting 2nd grade with the same bag, she asked me for a new one. The bag itself was fine, but it was the cross-body strap that dug into her shoulder and bothered her by the end of the day. I promised her that for 3rd grade, we’d get her a new bag. Of course, when I mentioned this, my middle Fancy Girl wanted in on the new bag action as well. *SIGH* Okay, fiiiiiine. She had grown out of her floral backpack anyway, but this would be the last new backpack for a few years (so I say now).  We took a look online at a few different companies, but nothing really connected with the girls. And then on a quick trip to Staples to pick up a print job, the girls fell in love with the Jansport bags.

JanSport is a classic brand with almost 50 years in business. If you search online for backpacks that will hold up for years like a loyal friend, JanSport is always on the list. What sealed the deal for me is the lifetime warranty. If you ever have an issue with the bag, send it back to get fixed or replaced. Sounded good to me!
Instead of purchasing the bags at the time, I waited to get them during our annual summer shopping trip at Jersey Shore Premium Outlets. I bought the bags at the Journeys store, but actually found that they were cheaper at Staples.  SALE ALERT! If you go to Staples between NOW and SEPTEMBER 17TH, get 25% off select brands, including Jansport! 

Staples backpack-blowout-421x110

At around the same time that I was getting the girls set up for a new school year, I decided that we would sponsor a local homeless child who needed supplies, clothing and a backpack to start the year as well.  Thanks to a generous donation from Staples, I was able to give our child, an 11 year old boy,  a new JanSport bag in the mint green color shown below. Staples also provided us with the white poppy print bag that I donated to the non-profit. I was satisfied knowing that I could give a high quality brand to a child in need.

IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2776 IMG_2777 IMG_2778 IMG_2779 IMG_2780



I know it’s getting down to the wire with backpack purchases, but August is one of the best months to buy them! Just in case you need one last minute, below are 9 styles that are Fancy Girl approved. I recommend going to Staples to take advantage of the sale and so you can touch, feel and try on the bag. But if online shopping is your “bag”, the links are below. (Note: this post contains affiliate links. Thanks for shopping!)
Jansport Backpacks Fall 2016


Row 1:
Gray Rabbit Sylvia Dot, Amazon
Multi California Poppy, Macy’s
Ombre, Journeys

Row 2:
Polka Dots, Journeys
Cyber Pink Leopard,
Multi Donuts, eBags

Row 3:
Black First Love Plush, eBags
Navy Watercolor Chevron, Zappos
Shady Grey/White Dots, Amazon


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