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…have her own literary agent to become a famous “Illustory” author

As soon as they are old enough to scribble, kids love to try and write anything (on paper and the wall): their name, letters to their grandparents, and made up stories. If your child is the next Jane O’Connor or Katharine Holabird, she can actually create a real book with Illustory. All she has to do is write and illustrate her story using the special book pages and markers included in the kit. You mail the “manuscript” in and in return, your Fancy Girl will get back a professionally typeset and hardbound book which includes a dedication and “About The Author” bio page.

And the best part?  When she actually does become that famous author she dreamed about, you can pull out her first “published” book to see where it all began.

You can find Illustory at places like Target, Barnes & Noble and directly from their website:! ~DFR


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