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Friday Fresh Picks: Halloween Costumes for Girls that are Not Pink or Princess

Friday Fresh Picks

My eldest Fancy Girl is going through a “I don’t do PINK” thing right now. And if that’s a permanent thing, I’m good with that. I shouldn’t be surprised by this since my closet is full of non-pink things, and she camps out in there quite a bit (her favorite shoes of mine to wear are my tan Guess peep-toe pumps, so I know she has great taste no matter what color she wears). So this year for Halloween, she not only opted for something non-pink, but she was looking at things like skeletons and witches. She then remembered how much she loves zebras, and found an adorable zebra hoodie costume that has her favorite 2 color themes right now: Black & White and Blue. So to honor the other fancy girls out there who don’t want to do pink or princesses either this year, here are some picks for you!

Friday Fresh Picks: Non-Pink Halloween Costumes for Girls |

1. The Zebra Hoodie Costume my daughter is wearing
Non-Pink Halloween: Girls' Zebra Hoodie Costume |

2. Light Up Witch 
Non-Pink Halloween: Light Up Witch |

3. Kool Kat Child 
Non-Pink Halloween: Kool Kat |

4. Cruella de Vil inspired tutu dress

Non-Pink Halloween: Cruella de Vil|

5. Despicable Me Female Minion 

Non-Pink Halloween: Despicable Me Female Minion Girl |

6. Totally Ghoul Girls 3-In-1 Red Riding Hood Cheerleader Ladybug
Non-Pink Halloween: Girls 3-In-1 Red Riding Hood Cheerleader Ladybug |

7. Captain America & Other Super Heroes
Non-Pink Halloween: Captain America and Other Super Heroes |

8. Girls Ballerina Butterfly
Non-Pink Halloween: Girls Ballerina Butterfly |

9. Girls Gun Slinger Cowgirl
Non-Pink Halloween: Girls Gun Slinger Cowgirl |

10. Miss Mad Hatter
Non-Pink Halloween: Miss Mad Hatter |

Friday Fresh Picks

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  • Sarah Donza-Hughes

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH!!!!! you have outdone yourself here!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      hahaha you are so funny!! I reallllly wanted her to want the Mad Hatter costume. I found another cool one online when we were searching. But the zebra is totally her.

  • I am in love with the Mad Hatter costume! Love those combo of green and purple at Halloween. It’s a fun twist on the traditional orange and black. My little one would love the minion costume.