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Fancy Girls Review: Snap’t

Fancy Girls Review: Snap't

I’ve never done this before here at Fancy Girl, but I want to make an official endorsement for what I think is THE MUST have accessory for tweens and teens. I’m talking about Snap’t: interchangeable, snappable jewelry and accessories that will have your daughters’ friends wanting to snap with style. Depending on her mood – if she’s feeling sweet like a cupcake or silly like a winking emoji- she can change her look with just one click. From headband to handbag, there are Snap’t products for all kinds of accessorizing. I would go as far to say I’m a little O B S E S S E D with all the arm candy and keychains. It takes me back to when I was a tween and the hot trend was to cover our jean jackets (or jean purses) with pins. My favorite was a pair of pink lips!

Fancy Girls Review: Snap't

Fancy Girls Review: Snap't
Fancy Girls Review: Snap't















Here’s how Snap’t works:

Fancy Girls Review: Snap*T


  1. The party starts with a Snap’t Base Piece – High-quality necklaces, headbands, bracelets and zipper pulls that are the basis of the entire Snap’t system.
  2. Snaps– Snaps, which snap onto the base pieces, really let customers express their individuality, from stylish to wild to funny to flirty.
  3. Layering Accessories The icing on the cake of the Snap’t system. Placed over the snap on the base piece and secured by an awesome snap, these feathers, tassels, pom-poms make the already adorable snaps even cuter!


Check out how the snaps look on my girls below…and keep going to see the video of them snapping in action!

Fancy Girls Review: Snap't

Fancy Girls Review: Snap't Fancy Girls Review: Snap't Fancy Girls Review: Snap't Fancy Girls Review: Snap't

Fancy Girls Review: Snap't


The Founders’ Story & Charitable Cause 

The founders of Snap’t, sisters Tara Katz and Erica Harrison, have been putting their own creative spin on things since they were young. When I read their backstory, I felt a flashback to my own when they talked about cutting their Barbie’s hair and creating things when what you were looking for didn’t exist. Now as moms of girls as well, they wanted to create a product that allowed for the same self-expression. At Snap’t they believe in mixing things up and piling things on to show off your personality (or mood).

Their purpose as business owners is also to inspire young women to give back. Every collection includes a snap to help raise money for a charity which focuses on building self esteem in young girls and encouraging them to be their best selves. A percentage of the sale of the snap will be donated to each cause.

For Spring 2016, a percentage of the purchase of The Love Circle will go to The Farley Project, an organization whose mission is to  “empower youth to be fully self-expressed, and aware and compassionate individuals.”

Snap’t products can be found online at and at specialty retailers nationwide.



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