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Fancy Girl Reviews: Disney Digital Books Minnie’s Bow Maker App

Minnie's Bow Maker App

I’m a big fan of Disney Digital Books. Way back when I was blogging at Mrs. Mo’s New Jersey, I had an opportunity to attend a blogger event to celebrate its launch. Since the release, many Disney favorites have been translated from digital desktop stories to apps, which are easier for little fingers to swipe through. A new favorite for my Fancy Girls is the Minnie’s Bow Maker app. The app is split into 3 parts: story, bow maker, and big bow show. It’s cute, colorful, very girly and easy to figure out–kids usually learn how to operate an app better than mom and dad do anyway.

Minnie's Bow Maker App

Your first option with the app is to ready a story between Minnie and one of her friends (who you pick). Similar to the premise of many kids’ shows, Minnie’s friend comes to her with a dilemma that only she can help solve. She uses her bow maker to save the day!  The stories include guided reading on the bottom of the screen so beginning readers can follow along with the characters’ speaking. Part of the story includes a guide to making the bow with the bow maker, with Minnie’s helpful voice going through the steps. At the end, the bow that you have created is given to Minnie’s friend and everyone is happy.

Bow Maker
Minnie's Bow Maker App-Bow Maker Screenshot

You can skip the story and go straight to making the bows if you like.  There are 4 elements for you to choose for your bow: material, color, pattern, and bow shape. Once you design the bow, you “drag” the bow into the spout of the bow maker and “spin” the handle to start the machine. Once it pops out, you have the option to place the bow on Minnie or take a picture with your camera and put the bow on your own head. Each step of the process is guided by Minnie’s helpful instructions as well as bubbly arrows pointing to the next screen. It’s very easy for a child to figure out the process on their own. My daughter’s favorite part is spinning the handle.

Big Bow Show
Minnie's Bow Maker App-Big Bow Show Screenshot
Once you have created an assortment of bows, you can then choose to “walk” them down the catwalk in a special bow fashion show. First you pick a character (Minnie or one of her friends) and then your choice will be shown walking down the runway with the bow you created.

Final Thoughts: Minnie’s Bow Maker is cute and fun. It allows your child to be creative and teaches them how to follow instructions. The story in the beginning is short and sweet and also contains some key educational elements: the guided reading and problem solving. Fancy Girl and Fancy Mom approved! 


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