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Fancy Girl Picks: 10 Favorite Essie Nail Polish Colors for Fall

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Every September, before school starts, the Fancy Girls get their nails done for the 1st day. We either go to a salon, or, we have a nail party at home. It’s around this time that I put away some of the summer/beachy colors and dig out the deeper/richer/darker hues for fall and winter. We have a bunch of colors and brands in my make-shift nail polish tin (a Frozen lunchbox), but one that is always a regular is Essie. I had my girls take a look at the current assortment of colors to pick out their favorite colors for fall. It took a little visualizing to get them in the fall zone (what does fall mean? What holidays do we have? What does the outside look like? What do you wear?), but I think their choices reflect their own personality and the season perfectly! Each collection is named for them with a little description of what she is like. Maybe your Fancy Girl will connect with one of them.

And then tell me what your IT color is for fall!

The Maddy: She’s artsy, loves to dance, loves learning about anything, and is currently excited about the Magic Tree House book series.  She may be quiet, but when you get to know her, she lights up and has a lot of fun! Her favorite colors are blues, greens, black & white stripes, and anything that’s not pink. Her style is a little mix of boho chic with neutral separates. She doesn’t like anything to bold or flashy, and prefers stripes, tribal prints, polka dots and occasional rhinestone detail. Her favorite accessory is her infiniti scarf.

Friday Fresh Picks: Fancy Girl Favorite Essie Nail Polish Colors for Fall  |
Left to Right: pearly white, mademoiselle, braziliant, merino cool, skirting the issue


The Catherine: She’s also artsy and loves to dance, but she also loves to build, play with trains and create make-believe stories with ponies, dolls and any toy that’s around. She’s bubbly, social and the leader of the pack. She loves trying new things, and is currently into soccer, softball, ballet and swimming. Her favorite colors are really anything, but mostly pink and purple. She loves bold prints and patterns and her favorite accessory is a headband.

Friday Fresh Picks: Fancy Girl Favorite Essie Nail Polish Colors for Fall  |

Left to Right: big spender, flowerista, ole caliente, hip-anema, mochacino


Friday Fresh Picks: Fancy Girl Top 10 Favorite Essie Nail Polish Colors for Fall  |



Friday Fresh Picks Bloggers

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  • LOVE those flowerista and mochachino shades!!

  • Ole Caliente is one of my all-time favorite Essie polishes. I love skirting the issue…need to pick up that color. Love your back to school nail tradition!!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      I think the “Catherine” collection is going to be a hit with all of the fab moms! This year we didn’t make it to the salon, I made sure their nails were done up for the first day.

  • Sarah Donza-Hughes

    I am a Mademoiselle, that sometimes likes to get bold and use a color like skirting the issue! Love this post

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      I’m actually surprised Maddy went with Skirting the Issue, but that’s my fave of the bunch. I’m more of a Catherine collection, but even then, I would add darker shades.

  • hchybinski

    Ole Caliente and Mochachino are faves here. . .I may have Skirting the issue and Mademoiselle too – LOL

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      I really like Ole too! I might just go ahead and order all of these! haha Need to restock my lunchbox