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Fancy DIY: Juicy Couture-inspired girl’s gold sequin belt

This year for Christmas I had a vision to create a metallic ensemble for my girls that had some DIY element to it.  I usually know exactly what I want, but it becomes like a treasure hunt to find the perfect dress or skirt combination. I had my heart set on finding something in all silver (which in reality is not good for deflecting stains) or gold, but the perfect dress choice for my girls ended up being a ballerina pink drop-waist dress with gold star accents from The Gap. Since the dress was sleeveless it needed a sweater (aka stain deflector)–and more gold–to complement the stars in the dress. The sweater was easy (Target). Then I found THE BELT and knew THAT would be my DIY project. Follow the steps below on how I re-created a Juicy Couture gold sequin belt, $38 at (sold out), with only 3 materials: sequin, ribbon and a glue gun.

DIY: Juicy Couture-Inspired Sequin Belt


  1. 1 yard (per child) of 1.5 in. gold stretch sequin trim 
  2. 1 yard (per child) of 7/8 in. pink Offray satin ribbon
  3. Glue gun w/glue sticks

DIY: Gold Sequin Belt


  1. Measure the size of your FG’s waist and cut the sequin to the length;
  2. Cut the ribbon to the same length of the sequin and then cut in half;
  3. Fold over the top of one side of the sequin and add a few dabs of glue;
  4. Immediately place the end of your ribbon on the glue;
  5. Repeat steps on other side of sequin and you have your belt!

DIY: Juicy Couture Inspired Sequin Belt

Photo credit: Lifetyme Photo & Video


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  • Lindsey Renninger Schuster

    So adorable!! Love when you can make things yourself for less!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      I used to DIY all the time and have just recently gotten back into it. It is such a rush. haha is that weird? Love finding the dollar store way to do something.

  • Heather


    • A Fancy Girl Must

      Thank you! Definitely one of my favorite projects so far.

  • Sarah Donza-Hughes

    WOW!!! I think hayley NEEDS this!

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      You should do a wonder woman color belt!! How cute would that be? Now I’m thinking that I should make a few in different colors for the girls just to have.