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Fab {Pinterest} Friday: Duct Tape DIY

Do you ever look at an empty food container and wonder what craft you can do with it? I do it ALL THE TIME but usually end up recycling or throwing the container away. This time I took to my social networks to get ideas for an empty Keurig coffee box (below).

Keurig coffee box duct tape DIY project

One of my FB friends suggested covering the box with duct tape. Of course! And I just happened to have a roll of hot pink duct tape in a junk drawer–don’t all Fancy Girl moms? The result was a simple “hair thingy” catch-all, complete with a handle so my girls can carry it upstairs at the end of the day. So in honor of my 5-minute duct tape project, I found other–and more intricate–duct tape projects to try with your creative kids. Have fun!


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