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DIY Shamrock Necklace

Like the good Irish girl that I am, it wouldn’t be March without some St. Patty’s Day crafts to do with my girls. We’ll proudly be wearing our green holiday best at the Morristown St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday, March 15th, but I wanted to find a wearable craft project we could make together. First I made some shamrock-stamped leggings for them (I wish I made a tutorial for it, but you can see the finished product here & here), and then I was on the hunt for some accessories. I wish I could say I came up with this necklace idea on my own. I wanted to order a bunch of green scrapbook paper, and I already had all these green pipe cleaners, but what could I do with them! Behold the power of Pinterest to guide me on my journey. I found exactly what I wanted to do over at Crafting Chicks; she made a super easy 4-leaf clover necklace using paper, straws and twine. Check out the original here and have a look below to see how my version came out!
DIY Shamrock Necklace |

You only need 3 items (not including scissors and a whole punch), all of which can be found on Details below.

DIY Shamrock Necklace |

1. Monochromatic Green Paper Pack, $4.48; 2. Green Pipe Cleaners, $2.00; Lime Green Striped Paper Straws, $4.00; 4. scissors & a hole punch


  1. Create a shamrock pattern and trace on the sheets of green paper. You’ll need up to 15 for a child necklace
  2. Cut the straws into 1 in. pieces
  3. Connect 2-3 of the pipe cleaners together to make one long piece
  4. Start with a straw piece and feed it through the pipe cleaner to the end. Alternate with the shamrock shapes and other straws until you have enough necklace for your child.
  5. Connect the pipe cleaner ends to finish off your necklace and off you go!


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  • Lindsey Renninger Schuster

    Too cute!!

  • Such a cute idea! We’ll have to make these for the Belmar parade 🙂