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Currently Obsessed With Photo-Real Clothing

Friday Fresh Picks: Currently Obsessed With Photo-Real Clothing

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Fashion is getting real for kids. Walk into any retailer for kids and you’re bound to see some real looking food and animal prints on things like leggings, socks and tops. And make sure you’re not shopping on an empty stomach, because you’ll crave your favorite candy like ASAP. I will admit I made a “huh?” face when I first saw jelly beans and macaroons as leggings, but when my middle daughter HAD to have a candy cane print dress from Childrens’ Place, I finally got it and now we’re all obsessed with the trend. She added to her collection of leggings this Christmas with two pair by Toughskins at Sears. They’re available really cheap too.

Toughskins Butterfly Leggings

Friday Fresh Picks: Currently Obsessed With Photo-Real Clothing

Toughskins Sprinkles Leggings
Friday Fresh Picks: Currently Obsessed With Photo-Real Clothing


When you’re looking for this type of clothing either in a store or online, first you’ll need to know the lingo. You can ask/search for “photo-real,” “photorealistic,” “photo print,” or even “food print clothing.” It’s basically when you see the actual food or animal as a printed fabric. The two best places to start for photo-real clothing are Children’s Place and Zara Terez, but you’ll see below that you can find photorealistic essentials nearly anywhere. The DIYer in me immediately thinks- Oh I wonder if I can make my own! Guess what- of course you can! If you love the photo real trend as much as we do, give at try over at Bags of Love. But if you don’t have high resolution images that you want to make into your own products, get shopping below!


Friday Fresh Picks: Currently Obsessed With Photo-Real Clothing

Clockwise from Left to Right:

  1. Penguin Puffer Tote, Gap
  2. Best Selfie Ever Photo Real Cap, Amazon
  3. Photo Real Leggings, FabKids
  4. Toddler Girl’s Photo-Real Faux Jegging Leggings, Children’s Place
  5. Toddler Girl’s Long Sleeve Photo-Real Skater Dress, Children’s Place 
  6. Gymnastics I Love Jelly Beans Girls Leotard, Bonanza
  7. JanSport Superbreak Donut Backpack, Journeys
  8. Printed Ankle Socks with Food and Designs (Delicious Popcorn), Amazon
  9. Girls Jelly Bean Print Bikini, Children Salon 
  10. Girls Long Sleeve Photo-Real Candy Heart Nightgown, Children’s Place 

Friday Fresh Picks Bloggers

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  • I had fruit on tights and jelly beans on tights when I was a teenager! Ahead of my time?! LOL

    • A Fancy Girl Must

      And I was way behind the times back then. Just goes to show everything 80s/90s is coming full circle again!

  • We have a pair of cupcake socks like this! My daughter loves them.
    I also love those Macaroon leggings!!!

  • JanieH

    I wish I was young enough to pull off the photo-real look. Love the picks.