Color Trending: Hello Yellow!

Spring and summer fashion is all about neon, feminine florals, bold prints, and bright colors. You could say that color trends right now are literal reflections of the season (spring = flowers, yellow = sun, etc), but in my opinion, everyone looks great in bright colors and I love that fashion houses are embracing the neon again–albeit in a much more trendy and classy way. And speaking of bright colors: yellow is a very popular color this season. For this post, I was inspired by a spread from InStyle magazine showing celebrities in the sunny brights. You can wear yellow head-to-toe like these actresses, or you can pair it with others from the color wheel. Yellow is a wonderful mix-and-match color; it’s practically a neutral. It was my daughter’s color of choice this Easter and continues to stay on her favorite list (next to purple and pink of course). Hopefully the collage below gives you some bright ideas (you like the pun?) for your own daughter’s summer style. Jump below for product info!

Clockwise from top:


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  • Elizabeth Norton

    love this!!! wish I had a girl….(this will probably be on every comment I ever leave on this blog) 🙂

    • MrsMoNJ

      I honestly find so many children’s clothes that I would want to wear myself! I have a friend of 3 boys and she says the same thing. But some women are born to raise boys. 🙂